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WHY Possessing Lengthy HAIR SUCKS | For Men & Women

Long Hair is a Discomfort in the Ass for both Guys and Girls.
Here Is 30 Motives why it Sucks!

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Lengthy medium short Hair Hairstyle for males and lady tutorial comedy why you need to never get extended hair reasons

From: Jarl Andersen



  1. KhateyPerry Xx

    This the first time I saw you and your channel probably😂and you look like freaking Harry Styles!😍😘💖
    Btw you earn my subscribe!💖

  2. I never had long hair cos it affected my body temperature, I was always too hot unless my hair was short, that was back in the 70’s when I was the only guy in the UK with a crew cut, now in my 60’s I am almost bald & very happy..

  3. I Look Like a Toe

    Ok so I’m a guy who has hair just brushing my shoulders but I used to have it down my mid back before I shaved it off (I’m growing it out again now rip) and lemme say DRY SHAMPOO BECOMES YOUR BEST FRIEND. Seriously. You know you’re at the stage where your hair is long if you’re whipping out the dry shampoo bottle and I’m almost at that stage again lol.

  4. Jean-Paul Petrosyan

    long hair sucks because people on the street things you are a fag and wants to kill you. but you can bear a knife and kill them until they kill you

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