What Guys Locate Eye-catching In Diverse Parts Of The World

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There is nothing at all more enticing to a straight man than a lovely woman. But according to different cultures about the globe, not each man lives by the exact same standard of beauty. From girls with massive feet and filed, pointy teeth in Bali, to the lip and ear-stretching rituals in components of Africa and South America, it really is effortless to see that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Curious about what guys locate attractive in diverse components of the world? Let’s kick items off with…

Bling ring | :23
Nose job hijab | 1:09
Earlobes for days | 1:53
Pucker up, buttercup | two:14
Inked | two:44
Full figured | 3:33
Bollywood babe | four:08
Le birthday suit | four:49
Slay on, girl | 5:29

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  1. I’m sorry but the pronunciations of every one of your words is cringe ESPECIALLY the maori words…I’m polynesian and I hate when u pronounce words wrong…its TA MOKO you literally pronounce it how it looks! -_-

  2. This is Brya

    I was wondering what she was saying when she was saying ta mookoo…. then I saw she was trying to say ta moko! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Alize Farhin

    This video is sexist as well. Most men should really get a life and stop objectifying women or they should get objectified​.

  4. Preternatural Pentacorn

    2:37 I think the most beautiful thing I can ever see is food.. so tell me how my G here can put food in her mouth?

    Not tryna offend anyone, just highly curious

  5. The lip plate is just scary. My lips always get cracked,chapped, and bleed often so I don’t know how you can stretch it so long and men find it attractive.

  6. Bippitybobbitybackdafuckup Okaydokey

    1)She basically made shady comments on all the other beauty standards.

    2) Didn’t do her research on most of them and just assumed probs based on Wikipedia.

    3) Then tied the knot by giving a cheesy speech at the end like she didn’t just critizie the other standards .

  7. Precious.Vlogs

    If Indians can do all that then why can’t they take a bath everyday shiny hair means oily hair in which why they stink ALOT

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