What Hairstyles Do GIRLS Like On GUYS?

Now let’s ask the ladies, what hairstyles do you like on guys? Hannah and John speak about what kind of hair girls like on guys. If you have any questions you can send them in at

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  1. John Xavier

    As an owner of a man bun, I can say it is the easiest hairstyle ( as far as upkeep and styling ) I have ever had. anything that I can throw up, in a bun, versus combing, styling, and making sure every hair is in place. I just throw it up, use a little product to smooth flyaways, and hairspray to complete. takes 5 mind tops

  2. kelly anderson

    I wanted to see a video not you two talking… but I hate videos like this and I prefer short hair or ear length hair on guys but when I say short hair I’m not talking about like this guy in the the video ,don’t like his hair cut at all its almost like a buzz cut which I hate doesn’t look good . anyways video sucked had to mute it while I typed this now I’m done by by!!

  3. RoseOfTheNight4444

    I like messy short hairstyles or hairstyles that look like a mini lion’s mane, but my absolute favorite is one not done very often – a lazy mohawk. Basically like this guy: I know alot of people find it off-putting because it’s too unique, I guess, but I find it flattering. I also don’t mind the typical emo hairstyle, either. It’s funny because I know how annoying hair can be in the eyes but it looks really good on some guys lol

  4. In my experience lesbians liked it when I had my hair long and straight women liked it more short. It didn’t fail not once

  5. RoseOfTheNight4444

    I genuinely don’t mind most hairstyles but unless you’re balding naturally, don’t shave it off… I know it looks better on certain races more than others but I find it gross and unnatural…

  6. Okay so guys I say that as long as your hair is kept neat or you take care of it .. I’m pretty sure girls will like your hair . Also if you are confident in your style and are still outgoing , you can be bald and still be attractive to women .

  7. are you just assuming my gender.

    It depends on the girl. But like all women say "I dont wear makeup to impress men" we dont cut are hair to impress you. its all about preference, and what people are comfortable with.

  8. RoseOfTheNight4444

    Long hair looks good on certain and for those people, short hair doesn’t or vice versa. I know this from experience, my ex looked really handsome with his hair in a ponytail – I swear, he looks masculine with long hair – but as soon as he cut it all of, he looked like a girl even though it was cut pretty short.

  9. Men can wear any hairstyle as long as it’s the latest fad and women will love it….It’s all decided by the queen of england.

  10. maybe here in the Philippines lots of short hair here is fuck boy gay 100% even they have a big muscles because here in the Philippines lots of come to gym and bodybuilding here are 60% gays

  11. Jose Molina

    I’m Hispanic with a super curly comb over it touches my nose and every girl just comes up to me to ask if they can play with my hair😂

  12. uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    Thank god I live in Europe and people here are not as patriarchal as in USA. Here I can pull out the craziest hairstyle and people still loving me 😊😊😊

  13. honestly though as long as you keep your hair clean, we’ll kept, and don’t go to overboard on product you should be fine.

  14. Craig Winslow

    Good hair can turn women on, takes confidence to go along with it, but like they said just meeting new people they judge your personality on spot by your hair so pick wisely and try many styles to see which one works best.

  15. The Predictable Gamer

    Honestly, girls have their sort of taste in lads hairstyles… My sis has BF and he’s got s ponytail and he looks decent lol.

    Then the is me… My gf likes my hair messy. I wouldn’t say mines long but like it’s got to the point it needs a hair cut… But I ain’t cutting it as I make it all messy looking… Which suites me and she likes it so its all cool xxD

  16. suddenly when confronted with the fact some cultures have it long you validate it as if it’s suddenly ok. no bitch if you dont like it culture or not, it aint your thing. its stupid you don’t want to come off as less progressive but your opinion regarding hairstyle shouldn’t change, there was no need to say that certain groups "can" have it long because it’s in their culture, no anyone can or should because they want to you dont have to back that up

  17. Pinapple Grenade

    Is John gay or something? He said he’s never slept with a long haired guy and Hannah didn’t laugh like I was expecting her to, meaning it probably wasn’t a joke.

  18. If I girl wouldn’t want me because I have long hair then she’s not the type of girl for me and that would be a bullet I just dodge without spending my money on her win for me

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