What Clothing Ought to You Purchase? | Simple Wardrobe Essentials | Men’s Fashion Guidelines

Hey guys, following numerous requests I decided to break down some simple essentials you may need to have in your closet and some added ideas for acquiring clothes to rebuild your wardrobe/start from scratch. Of course I can go far more in-depth in my styling guides, so usually keep tuned for those.

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  1. Michael Alfonso

    Basics from fast fashion suck. They last a few times and dont wash and dry well. Also the necks almost always roll over on themselves. dont waste your money on basics at these places.

  2. Cyclical - Natural Men's Wear

    I am creating a collection of smart casual clothes using a new composition – Stretchy cotton front and breathable linen back. I’m running an Indiegogo campaign at 40% off retail price. Please see my page:

  3. I’m a ten year old boy and all I’ve ever worn was shorts and t-shirts. I’ve got a pair of slim fit blue jeans and a skinny fit black jeans. I have a jean jacket with sweater sleeves and a hood. I own 2-4 flannel shirts that fit. I have two pairs of shoes one pair is sneakers and the other I think are some kind of van style shoe. I would like to get more into street wear and a little dressier wear or something like that. I don’t know how to or if I should explain this to my parents and I’m a little nervous that people might make fun of me at school because they think I only have shorts and t-shirts. Any help??? Also I don’t really have a lot of money myself to buy clothes. I have a birthday and Christmas coming up so I could use that for a couple things but I don’t exactly know what.

  4. I’ve just started getting into fashion a lot more seriously now, do you have any tips for clothes styles and colours for blonde people?

  5. This is my first video from this guy, and I just unuscribed to about five fashion channels, and subscribed to him. Lol those other channels are shit compared to this.

  6. Donterreo Culp

    As far as jeans go what brands do you consider to be good quality? I feel like though American Eagle is a commonly known brand SOME of their jeans are made very well.

  7. Guys can you check out my insta @j4ycup, its full of fashion outfits, maybe you can get ideas from it, follow me and ill follow you back

  8. Should you wish I can assist you with the transcript of your videos. Subtitles will indeed make your videos more understandable.

  9. Avery NiteStar Glover

    I do recommend getting jeans from Wal-Mart though. A good pair of jeans around 10-30 dollars (mainly 20 dollars) is really not that bad. I remember getting a pair of straight black jeans that looks really good on me. Well until it’ll start getting baggy when I’m losing all this weight that is. XD

  10. Bro you look like shit! "Wtf" are you doing having a channel taking about fashion. Last button snap back swag lol 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

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