Versace Spring Summer 2018 Men’s Fashion Show

Pure Versace – fresh attitude, effortless energy and an quick passion that runs deep.
Pinstripes are refreshed and remixed, like pinstripe robust-shouldered tailoring, or shirts exactly where distinct pinstripes are contrasted and clashed.
The new power of Versace prints: the utility of a tech blouson is contrasted with the romance of its “Balletto” print, even though the “Angelo” print appears on a sharp quilted bomber.
Versace silk shirts are created modern, with two shirts reduce up and combined, or the optical print shirt cropped to just show above the waist of black silk utility shorts.
Knits are playful, like the cotton knit red twinsets with a bead and crystal crown embellishment, or diagonal reduce knits that add dynamism to the layers.
Biker jackets and pants are provided unexpected softness in black silk, comprehensive with quilted padding. Silk pyjamas are the perfect luxury for day.
A classic Versace logo appears entirely new, embroidered in white stitches on a infant blue or pale pink T-shirt, worn with matching straight leg jeans.
Parachute pants have zips at the side for a volume that’s then gathered by drawstrings, even though utility blousons have lattice lacing on the sleeves.
Leather trenches are designed from intricate patchworks of leather squares, the corners held as if by a bolt. They come in black or black-and-white verify.
Child pink tracksuits are in cotton velour with a baroque jacquard, whilst stonewash denim jackets are cut and patchworked with Versace denim prints.
Metal chains stitched by means of tailoring develop an eloquent evening take on the pinstripe. The “Cornice” print seems on a sharply tailored silk blazer.
A unique Women’s capsule collection shows the unity of the Versace world: pinstripes, cut-and-clashed prints, rich embroideries.
V-Circle – The Manifesto Edition is a new watch with a exclusive pied-de-poule dial. Meanwhile the Aion watch has a bold hexagonal dial.
Backpacks come in classic prints. Sneakers are moulded on the heel with the Medusa or Greek Key, while velvet slip-ons are embroidered with crowns.
“This collection is like a homecoming. It’s about the passions that define Versace, the complexity of men, the energy of these days.” Donatella Versace

From: Versace

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  2. Markjoshua Valbuena

    I loved it. The collection was beautiful as always. Great work Donatella always, i love you very much! Wait why am I even here, i’m poor . wtf

  3. The Rising Star Official

    With all the love to Versace, and all the respect; I believe this show was a COMPLETE FAIL for countless reasons. Choreography: Bland, fast and not all were sticking to the basic routine which makes the show flow in sync. Second of all, the men’s clothing looked like leftovers from the ones that the women wore on this display. It was so clear how polished the women’s wear was and how the men’s wear looked like cut off rags. Third of all, the male model selection for this show was not what to be expected for a versace show (more than half of them looked in high school, compared to the female models who are known). Word of advice? Anorexic bodies and baby faces DO NOT sell for men and thats a universal fact. Forth: its a men’s wear line, why on earth are there women’s wear too? Either the title is wrong or somebody mixed up the show. I don’t understand why the women’s wear is spot on organized, but the men’s line is utter rubbish. Fifth, the location/venue looked like it was whipped up in seconds. If you paid so much for Claudia, Cindy and Naomi for that show, why would you do a men’s wear show with such low quality line, zero coreo, bad model selection, and women’s wear is mixed with a show dedicated to your male shoppers?

  4. Yu Hao Liang

    male models do deserve their own platforms, but the fact is that male models have to work hard to earn them…..from what I see, lots male models here merely have a beautiful face, but they can’t master their crafts ! some of them walks with their hand waving sooooooo much like a gorilla, some walks like a hunchback, ….I am just wondering where is the poise and gracefullness in their movements. It is really kind sad to see that, of couse there are exceptions, but only few male models’s walk seem more natural and not " forced"

  5. Abraham Saddleback

    I like how she didn’t use a lot of muscular models. It’s hard finding men’s clothing that isn’t entirely designed for muscular body types. I’m more of a slender androgynous type. Finding clothes that fit nicely and look good is always a pain in the ass. Some of the pieces especially the cropped ones are really nice.

  6. ma ha mai pon

    เหนื่อยละ พอก่อนนะ จากด้ายเอาตัวไหมรอด ต้นนรก …เข็มนี้ลึกไม่จริง คงจะกลัดหัวหนามไม่อยู่ มีอ่านเป็นปัปป๋า เหลืออีกคน เชื่อแม่สิ เงียบถึงที่สุดทางวัด วินาทีไหม รากแก้วกลัวตาย หญ้าตามพื้นดิน หน้าจะไ้ดไปเที่ยวสักที ยังไงก็ตกแน่ๆ ไปเจอกลัวตาย

  7. …preto, branco, azul, rosa…em tons de sabonete! riscas de giz e listras combinadas com as classicas gregas e ornamentos em estampas bordados e apliques com referencias a monarquia com coroas mil! Estamparia classica Versace na sua melhor forma em modelagens classicas renovadas, longelineas e soltas com um espirito unissex! ponto alto foram os conjuntos estilo jogging em tecidos metalizados que poderiam ter sido expostos por modelos femininos tambem! Jeans inusitados, casacos maravilhosos…e…acessorios incriveis! PARABENS Donatella e equipe!!!,-)

  8. Men have balls to look how they want. Boys are pussies, and look like other want them to look. So, I looked at your profiles.. You need to be full of balls of an real men. That are not scared of their own creativity and personality.
    How Frank would say…

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