3 Hairstyles | Medium Hair – Mens Hair

3 effortless hairstyles if you are rockin’ a medium length hairstyle. Have a good week!


Music: Uplink – To Myself (feat. NK) [NCS Release]

From: Michael South

one hundred


  1. Bruce Marin

    Do you think these hairstyles would work for straight fine hair? and what type of haircut do I ask my stylist to do?

  2. I wanna make my hair like you. but I am frustrated coz my hair is so curly . I don’t to what product should I apply..🤔 I wanna make my hair straight like you

  3. Major Robinson

    You should do a curly hair style video! I am growing out my curly hair and am going to need some help! Your videos are great!

  4. Okay please someone reply. I decided to grow my hair out again as I cut my hair about a month and a half ago. I grew my hair for over a year and I only kept the top and trimmed the sides. My hair was extremely long it came up to my chest but I had to cut it as school did not let me but I really want to grow all my hair out however the sides are about 1 cm and the top is 5cm so will that affect me? And my hair is straight and I have a big forehead idk if it will suit me

  5. Soroush Arawb

    Hey Mike, I was wondering should I cut my hair off or not, because I live in Iran and atm I’m a student and schools here have problems with guys with long hair, I’m always under their pressure to cut my hair off and they will not let me to get into class if i don’t, I’m trimming my hair for 2 years and I still stuck at 6 months in my hair growth journey, I’m at the last year of highschool and after this year no one can force me to cut my hair, btw I’m a lil bit tired, any motivations? 😀 Sorry for bad English…

  6. Man it sucks cause i loved my year long growth of hair but I’ve been unemployed… So as i try on my dress shirts i just dont think i look good wearing it with long hair an ill probably have to cut it 😕

  7. Ariel South

    You’re adorable stay positive 🙂

    I’m unfortunately in the awkward stages of growing out short hair and stumbled onto this channel I loved having short hair but I think it’s time for a change any advice?

  8. Harvey Djent

    Hey Mike! Have you ever watched Twin Peaks? I’m currently obsessed with the show so I was thinking that maybe you could try to do your hair like Special Agent Dale Cooper if you want. That’s a damn fine head of hair!

  9. Great video, but in my opinion the man bun doesn’t suit you and makes your head look like an egg. The other hairstyles suit you great tho 🙂

  10. I don’t feel comfortable watching this. It’s just the way he constantly looks at the camera. It’s just like your gay friend rubbing your leg.

  11. Reece Greenhalgh

    hey Mike, hoping you could do a video for me and im sure plenty of your fans hah! im thinking maybe, hairstyle to suit guys with receeding hair lines (at the temples mainly) and whether or not these people should grow out there hair in your opinion, and maybe some ideas they should use for there hairstyle to maybe hide this area slightly orrrr?

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