The six Best Men’s Hairstyles | Men’s Hairstyle Trends For 2018

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Alpha feels confident about the top trends for hair in 2018. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and life-style specialist, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Style Anchor says that over the previous handful of months he’s seen a shift in hair styles from 2016 disconnected undercut to the 2017 super tight skin fades — and now the trends for 2018 are emerging.

2018 Men’s Hair Styles

* The gradual fade with a seamless & gradual transition will be the 2018 polished appear. The guys will be let it grow in a bit much more on sides and back. Guys will be going for a longer and softer style. A fantastic item for this appear is P&P SALT for volume. Right after applying the spray, add product such as P&P Paste or P&P Clay

* Fringe will also be noticed much more frequently with bangs down & swooped to the side. It appears extraordinary with tight tapered sides or grown in a small bit. You will want the salt with P&P Putty

* Embrace the physique and texture of your hair in 2018. It is much more organic with curls and waves. You are going to see guys quick textured hair styles. Keep away from gels, and opt for P&P Putty

* The side element often appears great and will remain in style.

* Other retro-inspired cuts such as from 1980s and 1990s will make their resurgence.

* The brief crew-reduce fade is timeless and straightforward — often in style.

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  1. Roberto Villalobos

    I’m slightly pissed off that a got into a “fight” with my dad about my hair only to find this video hours after it ended

  2. Andrew Johnson

    Alpha are you still cutting you own hair? I️ know a few years ago you said you were and I️ never seen any different


    i think you should make a video just explaining literally all of your products and say what each are for and not for and who and what not

  4. Phyll Scythe

    Its not that your hairstyle advice isnt helpful. But for guys like me, its harder to style your hair, mainly because….im half black. White guy hairstyles dont work for me and neither do black guy styles. Im caught in the middle with insanely tightish, loose curls. I shave the sides, but I grow out the top and back (about 15-16 inches). Would you have anything else recommended?

  5. onceuponthecross1

    so some fags gather together each year and decide what other dudes should look like. sound legit, what’s not to love?

  6. Mcnally Bwambale

    Hello alpha, I would like to know if it will be possible to do the hairstyle for black dude. Or anything else for black dude; I u got black friends too, that can come it will be awesome; peace

  7. dream achieved

    Pete and pedro was inspired when Pete ran out of hair products and had a job interview in an hour. But Pete always the clever man he called upon his live in Latin lover Pedro so he can filate him to calm his nerves. 20 min later after the sloppiest blowjob that would turn Kevin spacey green with envy, Pedro climaxed something fierce all over Pete’s face and hair. As Pete went to wash his face and hair he discovered the amazing hold ,volume, and shine the drying semen left his hair. So he grabbed his favorite brush and styled that bukake into a work of art worthy of a Paul Mitchell endorsement. And soon after Pete and Pedro hair products was born since a real baby couldn’t now pleasing and serving thousands of satisfied clients all over. Unfortunately Pete died because Pedro’s magic hair juice had hiv and Pedro failed to disclose this information until his death bed 3 months before pete died skinny easy e style.

  8. The Glorious One

    Sorry to burst your bubble pall but the full man bun is still a big deal in 2017, at least for guys under 40. I rock it and it gets a lot of positive attention, plus I’d say about a good 1/10 guys are growing or has one. If your smart and know how to pull it off you can easily make it professional. Cheers on everything else though!

  9. Christopher Martin

    Yall don’t listen to this man ! Take it from a real playa ! I recommend any younger male 30 and under to have medium or short hair on top, High Bald Taper on the back and sides with an Edge up and your the cleanest on the block !

  10. Jeffrey Games

    What hairstyle should I get? I am looking for a casual and easy to style ( 5 – 15 minutes) hiarstyle that I can rock at school. I am about to be 9th grade btw..

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