The Minimalist Masculine Man

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  1. Big da Catalyst

    Good video. being a minimalst, how do you travel with one backpack for more than a few days when you need fresh clothes for different occasions e.g, business, night time, day time, exercise? that’s at the minimum 2 shirts, tie, 2 trousers, 2 t shirts, 1 jeans, 1 shorts, 1 gym shorts and 4 pairs of trousers. more than 1 backpack.

  2. Fucken spot on! I recently decluttered my closet, living space, and social media. I also sold my car that needed a ton of repair. I’ve been doing ok with night game as well and just recently started working on my day one. Glad i came across this channel, you guys are awesome.

  3. xxxxJULIOxxxx

    I agree. However, when I tell people these philosophies it doesn’t resonate with them. They are to into consumerism and the whole buy, buy, buy, to feel better mentality.

  4. Kristen Howell

    I am glad you are spreading the word about minimalism. But I would like to add women can also be minimalists too. Xox —girl minimalist.

  5. For me, the content of this video is fucking gold Eddy. Totally in line with my deeper intuitions (which have been largely smothered by social hypnosis).

  6. Matthew Rodgers

    This is more of a tyler durden approach, as opposed to a james bond – who is also a minimalist, but has a wider range and can dress the part so to speak. A watch can be a good investment.

  7. Jordan Aaron

    I’ve been saying this forever, but i splurge for nice shit. For example, instead of having 10 cheap watches I buy one high end and sell it when I get tired of it and buy another nice one.

  8. This is hilarious! 1. My room has a bed, laptop, a table for it, 2 lazy bags, 1 small ikea coffee table and one cheap ikea closet for my clothes, that’s all 2. I do pushups every morning before breakfast 3. Thrown a shitload of stuff and clothes (close to 40kg’s) few months ago. 4. I don’t have a car and I don’t need it, bike does the job+it’s fun to go offroad 5. Didn’t bought anything on sales for ages 6. Unliked and unfollowed all the mainstream media on fb, news pages, political stuff etc on social media, feeling SO MUCH better since then 7. All my important stuff such as pdf files, pics etc are on laptop/cloud. 8. What I don’t have I don’t need it Best video ever

  9. dude I totally agree! actually I began living minimalist before watching your video I threw away and get rid of like 40% of my "belongings" and the number is still going up. you feel like human after that actually now there’s no bad, I sleep on the floor, I have a small foldable bed. I’ll keep only some clothes books, and some important papers and my computer, for now. but really what a relief. keep up!

  10. THIS!!!! Thank you for the video, I started living a very simple and minimalist life and found few points in this video that I work on making them new habits. Especially the scanning documents and photos one is gold. Simple, yet valuable. Thanks.

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