The Men’s Style Trend That Drives Tom Ford Crazy | PEN | Entertainment Weekly

Designer Tom Ford answers Jess Cagle’s burning queries in the Cagle Workout.
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The Men’s Style Trend That Drives Tom Ford Crazy | PEN | Entertainment Weekly

From: Entertainment Weekly

tags C. M. Depew (LOC)


  1. Dennis Staughton

    When the airlines give me enough legroom to feel comfortable in fucking boots, I’ll wear them on the plane. What an asshole. If his idiot customers would pay $900 for a pair of flip-flops, there’d be a couple hundred third-world $2 a day factory workers manufacturing them right now.

  2. Him being gay doesn’t surprise me at all. I was watching a interview of Jimmy kimmel before this and I picked up on it halfway through and thought that. It’s not his looks, and it’s hard to say it’s the way he talks because he talks extremely proper but maybe the way he presents his thoughts and his body language while talking. Idk but ya doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Michael Gomez

    Is this guy for real? I haven’t seen anyone come off more twat-ish in a long time. Or is he the stand-in for the real one?

  4. It’s funny, I wonder why most attractive, emotionally stable and successful men are gay?

    I mean, I’m not gay, but goddamn I have a hard time standing women. Maybe I’ve just been meeting the wrong ones or something.

    But whenever a gay man approaches me at a bar or a club, they’re usually so calm, centered and willing to bring value to my life. They offer me drinks and want to listen about my life, achievements and accomplishments. Even after I say I’m straight and not interested, they stick around for the interaction and because they tell me I’m very polite and kind.

    I’d never tell off a gay guy for approaching me because I know the courage you have to muster to actually approach someone and how much it sucks when they’re dicks to you just because you did it.

    Thank you world, for gay men. Some nights a good fucking conversation with a gay guy is pretty much what saves everything.

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