The four Shades of Denim You Need to have | A Guide to Denim

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I am wearing the Gamma fit


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tags Hot dishes menu (leading half) at Sanxia Renjia (三峽人家), Goodge Street, London W1 (translations in caption)


  1. Hi Jose, I am so excited about those jeans you was wearing; however, might I know your waist and length sizes? Grama jeans seem quite a bit like skinny when I visted their websites, and I saw the images! Jose, wish you have any suggestions or advises for me?

  2. You’re one of my fav here on youtube. I like your styles man. That blue New Balance whats the model? thanks for doing these vids.

  3. aTribeCalledMangeaux

    Hey Jose where did you get that brown bracelet where you’re wearing the short sleeve blue button down at the 2:37 mark?

  4. If anyone’s looking for the blue suede jacket he’s wearing it’s from Zara. I have a size medium I’m selling unworn. Message me

  5. Łukasz lukasss

    Can i match dark navy, black or dark Grey top with dark blue jeans or its to dark and better choose light Grey or light wash jeans to better contrast.

  6. Adeel Mohamedi

    Your videos are amazing. My top three favourites who have helped me massively are Aaron Marino, Antonio and you. Keep them coming, brother.

  7. Hamza Mehsud

    You looks very bad I swear. The reality is that no one knows best about Turkish people about pant shirts. They are masters

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