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Textured Fringe | Men’s Summer Hairstyle | Disconnected Undercut

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This weeks video takes a look at a textured fringe hairstyle which is a wonderful go-to for the Summer time months. My hair is currently the shortest it has been in years which has enabled me to showcase completely new hairstyles. To start factors off, I thought it’d be appropriate to feature a hairstyle I utilized to do every day back when my hair was shorter. Hope you get pleasure from.

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From: Luca Santangelo



  1. How long would you say to grow the top of your hair for this style?? And what sorta thing would I ask for when going to the hairdressers?

  2. Can some one please tell me what I would tell my barber to get my hair cut just like that on the sides?>?>!! last time I tried explaining it myself it did not turn out right lol…….

  3. Alpha Omega

    THIS IS A BLOODY AMAZING CAREFREE HAIRSTYLE! Sadly with my kind of hair, it’s difficult to replicate the same look 🙁

  4. Rjay Supangan

    Teacher: Okay class, today our vocab words will only be volume and texture.Anyone fine with that?

    Class: Volume and texture?

  5. Adam Davies

    Idk why but this just won’t work for me. I use a foam as a pre styler and used a hair dryer the way you said u should it just never works 😂

  6. i have curly hair and im talking about mixed curly hair somtimes i comb and it hurts my head is numb right now…..

    also dominican someone sees my hair like that and isntantly calls me gay.

  7. Does the Shampoo and Conditioner you use really matter for this style (or any style), if so, what do you suggest for this style?

  8. AyyItsRyan82

    If youre Asian and have Asian hair pls tell me how I can get my hair like this. I followed every instructions in this video and I can’t get my hair like his fringe

  9. Thank you so much for this!! As someone who loves the textured/messy look I find it extremely difficult to get this look at times because my hair is so fine and thin. I’ve had my hair short for about just under a year now(coming up to a year) and I’ve always had the textured look. This has honestly helped so much!! Thank you

  10. Bobby Barta

    my hair won’t do this:( i even use the same product, and same technique, and my hair is the same length. I have finer hair and ears that stick out so i can’t have short sides and need a hairstyle that is messy if you could help me out

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