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Video Summary:
1:19 – Confusing Uncomfortable With Unfamiliar
1:54 – Overdressing Or Underdressing
2:39 – Buying Outfits Rather of Building An Interchangeable Wardrobe
three:23 – Following Fashion Trends
3:51 – Getting Also Significantly At When
4:23 – Wearing Darker Color Dress Shirts
four:55 – Random One – No Square-Toed Shoes
five:07 – Wearing Dress Shirts Untucked
5:30 – Mixing Formal With Informal
five:52 – Going Overboard With Matching
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tags One of the uncommon non-Apple laptops noticed in an otherwise cool park full of cool individuals


  1. Uh oh … does that mean you’re a Windows user and a Canon fanatic? You’ve succumbed to the Dark Side!

    Actually, I have nothing against Canon cameras; I’ve got a very nice Canon G10, and a smaller Canon Powershot SD950. But I got my first Nikon F in 1969, and have stuck with them ever since for "serious" cameras…

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  3. Thanks for letting me know. It’s amazing to think that this photo has been published nearly 150 times since I took it nearly four years ago — and the mysterious, anonymous young woman in the photo probably still doesn’t know that she has gotten so much attention… 🙂

  4. "But maybe she doesn’t know any better?"

    Don’t you think that’s a little bit of a silly statement?

    Everyone makes a choice for a reason.

    Hey… I like BMW’s, you like Audi. Canon, Nikon… etc.

  5. Real Men Real Style – Click Here to read the article – 10 Style Mistakes Young Men Make – Click Here To Check Out Nate’s website – Iron & Tweed – Click Here to discover if StyleCon is right for you

    Video Summary:
    1:19 – Confusing Uncomfortable With Unfamiliar
    1:54 – Overdressing Or Underdressing
    2:39 – Buying Outfits Instead of Building An Interchangeable Wardrobe
    3:23 – Following Fashion Trends
    3:51 – Buying Too Much At Once
    4:23 – Wearing Darker Color Dress Shirts
    4:55 – Random One – No Square-Toed Shoes
    5:07 – Wearing Dress Shirts Untucked
    5:30 – Mixing Formal With Informal
    5:52 – Going Overboard With Matching
    6:11 – Over-accessorizing

  6. Carmel,

    Thanks for letting me know; I’m delighted that the picture served your purposes (though, just for fun, you might try going to my Flickr "home page" at and searching for photos with the keywords "Bryant Park" and "laptop" to see how many other choices you had!).

    It never occurred to me that this photo would be so popular when I snapped it; yours is the 11th blog to publish it. At the time, I just thought her hat was interesting, and I was intrigued by the anonymity that it provided for her…


  7. The first thing I thought was, Sarah Jessica Parker.

    This sort of photo makes me feel as though I’m there, right now, in the park. It’s a strange feeling, considering that I’m actually in Knoxville.

  8. Jim,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    If the photo does indeed have all of those good characteristics, I think it’s more attributable to luck than skill. This one, like most of my photos, was an extemporaneous "street photograph." Because she wasn’t actually looking at me, I had a few seconds to frame and compose the shot, it obviously wasn’t "posed." And while I tried to get the benefit of the late-afternoon light in the park, I certainly didn’t do anything fancy…

    As for it being the nicest comment section on the Internet … well, it’s close — but take a look at the comments and feedback on another extemporaneous street photograph, taken last year while I was watching people walk past me on Central Park West; I’ve called it The kindness of strangers.

  9. Hello Ed,

    I am the latest to make use of your excellent photo. It works perfectly for this story, which I published today on the UNC Health Care website:

    Thanks for making it available via Creative Commons!

    Best regards,

    Tom Hughes

  10. Wow… this woman is a dead ringer for my wife. Iced tea, NY, clothes etc. If it was a Mac, it would have been scary!


  11. roque hidalgo

    I’m a model and I find this to be bs people who follow this don’t have style as long as you’re confident in what ever you wear people are drawn to you

  12. While Apple’s laptop range is often criticised for its high prices, there’s no denying that it provides the kind of style and usability that few laptops can match. The Apple Macbook (£770 inc. VAT) is the entry-level model and is an impressively portable machine with plenty to offer the home user.

  13. celsound,

    Wow … that’s a little spooky. Maybe it is Sarah Jessica Parker, though I doubt it. As for the "here and now" feeling that it gives you … well, I suppose that’s the kind of "connection" (though certainly not the only one) that all photographers try to create between the subjects they photograph, and the people who look at their work.

    Of course, there’s no way that a photographer can know that such a connection will be created, at some point in the future … you just have to go on gut instinct.

  14. aslans_child,

    Glad you found the photo useful for your blog; as you may have noticed, it was published by another blog on the same date. In any case, you are now indeed part of the "history" of this image … though it seems that the subject was never aware that she had been photographed (it was just a quick, impromptu "candid" photo in Bryant Park).


    P.S. Glad to see you’re on a Mac. I think we are no longer the tiny, oppressed minority that we once were …

  15. adelie33_Asako

    I found this photo and read description, I feel she lives various lives here and there in web-sphere.That’s interesting. I wrote about her and add her another life on my blog. Thank you so much for sharing this photo, Ed.

  16. How to look like a tool. granted the youngest generation coming of age look like dipshits with mtv Bieber kutcher inspired parodies or just the ongoing crap skaters have been good at looking stupid with for decades now…and the next older gen of hipsters still doing what they do best with the barista/rockabilly/lumber/metro/artsy/ironic look… albeit thats much better than urban hip hop fashion where designer boxers are a must…since they are on display with baggy jeans STILL being worn mid thigh high (comeon, pull up your britches already, it just looks stupid). BUT THIS GUY, with pastel ugly blazers and polo shirts and button down collars and requisite light colored oxford dress shirts…has no room to call anyone else MISTAKEN. There is looking sharp in a suite…and this, while claiming to be it, is something else altogether. sorry Chad, no thank you. Ill continue to wear black, because everyone is always going to think everyone else looks stupid & your niche is not any better

  17. I like it because it feels surreal. I think it’s just so personal. I could be sitting on a bench seeing that woman myself, but I’m actually several hundred miles away.

    Anyway, nice photo Ed.

  18. Renaissance Man

    I find these videos very amusing. Maybe it’s the practical interesting tips mixed with the ‘all serious and important’ attitude.

  19. Thanks for letting me know. Interesting that you’re using it in a blog about event planning in Portland, OR. One of my sons lives in Portland with his wife and baby son…

  20. ikeepsafenews,

    Thanks, yes, I noticed the publication a day or two ago, and have added the URL link to your blog in the list of (many!) publications for this photo.


  21. I agree — and I’ve used Macs almost exclusively since 1985. I currently have an iMac, a 17-inch Macbook Pro, and a 2nd-generation Mac Air. Plus an iPad 2, and an iPhone 4.

  22. I just used it in our University VLE as a photo to generically reference distance learning. Would send a link but it’s locked down I’m afraid, thanks!

  23. Oh, wow, how incredibly cool! I’ve got a new book coming out next month, called "CIO’s at Work," which consists of interviews with the CIOs of such companies as Google, Microsoft, New York Stock Exchange, UK Parliament, the US Federal Gov’t, etc, etc. One of the questions I asked all of them was how much of an impact the "cognitive surplus" concept represented. Virtually every one of them was familiar with Clay Shirky’s book on the subject…

  24. amarcord1988

    Talking about style mistakes, you always choose a wrong jacket. Your sleeves are too long, and you never have a perfect fit jacket. On the third picture in this video you can see your own mistake, the guy running in the third picture has a well-fitted jacket and it’s sleeves. Of course, you are American so style is not your thing, but that is why you started this channel, right? Learn before you make a new video. Cheers.

  25. Well, I really am not adamant about it. I use Windows because once I got back into computers (this is only my second computer since my Commodore 64), I learned on Windows and that’s what my best friend/business tech guy has. As far as SLRs having all kinds of money and equipment tied into Canon, unless they do something REALLY out there, I am locked in

    Now, if you want to talk about cars, I’m a firm believer in Hondas! But again, it’s a matter of personal preference. No commandments are broken by buying a Ford, a Nikon or even Linux!

  26. Benn G.,

    The comment was intended merely as a light-hearted joke. Nikon fans sometimes poke fun at Canon fans, and vice versa; Mac fans sometimes poke fun at Windows fans, and vice versa.

  27. Kevin Alvarado sales

    I have squared toe shoes I guess I need to get rid of them lol
    Thank you for that saving me the embarrassment lol

  28. Kindall,

    Thanks for letting me know about your article — which I found very interesting! I’m glad that my photo proved useful for your work.


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  30. Yes, I did notice that. Sometimes they use the title/caption, and sometimes they include all of the text. I don’t mind – I figure that anyone who looks at the text will quickly figure out that it was written by the photographer, i.e., by me.

  31. jim.didriksen

    This must be the nicest comment section I have seen on the Internet 🙂
    (no one doing evil.)

    The reason your picture is popular I think is its honest, perfect timing (look at the fingers a centimeter from the keyboard) GOOD exposure, she’s anonymous unless you know her, she has style and the Ankh around her neck is probably the least polarising religious symbol ever (Ankh = The key of life, symbol for eternal life.)

    I kinda resent that she has to be the evil twin because she uses a PC, but greggerca’s wife is smiling. 🙂

    (Me: Nikon, PC Windows and Linux.)

  32. Maybe your wife has an evil twin sister that she has never told you about. Maybe the differentiating factor between your wife and her evil twin sister is the choice of Mac versus non-Mac laptop. You just never know… 🙂

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