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ten Minutes In The Bathroom – Look Far better Instantaneously – Men’s Grooming Tips & Hacks 2017 ✖ James Welsh

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Today I share with you my best get prepared with me ideas hacks and tricks. So if your hungover, hunting sick or just generally not hunting so great, these are some grooming hacks to get you feeling much better and searching your greatest almost instantaneously! These guidelines are less about the goods utilized and more about how to use them to maximise the merchandise possible!

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From: James Welsh



  1. lightningstrikes1980

    Another great video! I agree about the eyebrows. Once mine are in place, I look completely different. Lol. Thank you James!

  2. manish verma

    Hello Bro… Can u plz tell me best way for hair regrowth bcoz i lost many hair and dandruff problem with me.. Plz suggest

  3. Today's Attempt DIY & Design by Treswaluya

    Won’t work for my ugly ass face. You can just woke up, go out with eye booger, and people still would find you attractive with that face hahaha..

  4. Pradyuman Kumar

    I loved it 😍, it was awesome..
    But I don’t love it more than I love you 💖😉😍.. Thanks for these tips I have tried them just now as I have to go out , and I think it works perfectly !!

  5. I am White English Christian (i know it means nothing to you) however…just to let you know….when you were rubbing your face to remove the water retention that builds up overnight ….. try "Jade Rolling"….ok mate .

    Also try "Taoist Soap".

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