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10 Techniques Guys Are Dressing Incorrect
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Topic of discussion: Have you ever produced any of these errors?

Today I wanted to go over 10 approaches guys are dressing incorrect! There are easy approaches to upgrade your style, and following these ten suggestions will elevate your style instantaneously and support you dress greater every day! Men’s style is more popular than ever, so we must all learn how to keep away from these blunders at all instances to make certain we’re hunting sharp!

– Underdressed when compared to your important other
– Wearing also many accessories
– Leaving the suit jacket’s vents stitched up
– Wearing baggy clothes
– And far more! Watch the video to see the rest 🙂

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From: Alex Costa



  1. MobStar Industries

    Nice! 😎🤘 Make sure you guys check us out for the best west coast style clothing including premium cut and stitch women’s tees and mens jerseys and sizes UP to 5XL🤘. -MobStar Clothing Originals

  2. #11. When dressing up, wear slacks that fit. Don’t wear pants that show socks at the ankles as you walk (okay when you sit down).

  3. Hey Alex, love your style man.. Could you please do a video on suits or blazers? These double breasted suits have got my attention lately.. what do you think?

  4. Howard Goldstein

    Alex, you forgot to mention baseball caps…..anyone over the age of 12, who’s not a professional baseball player, has no business wearing a baseball cap….

  5. Alex Costa—-I don’t disagree with you about baggy clothes; but I also think that that the suitsupply look (meaning super-fitted) is just as bad.

    There needs to be some balance IMO.

  6. My Mother grew up in the turn of the last century,,,she told me the best advice and my grandmother second it…a man can never be over dressed style comes and goes these days even finding a man wearing a jacket to dinner is getting rare…As a Older man I like to wear tweed and bowties…even when I walk with my very hot wife…..women always smile and talk to you.

  7. Andy Froggatt

    Great dress advice, but my only criticism is your watch advice. Whilst they look OK on the wrist, for similar money you can buy a proper horological piece such as the Orient Bambino, the Orient Mako, anything made by Seiko, particularly the SKX line, a Tissot or even a swatch(the original fashion watch). A lot of people think that you have to spend hundreds on real watchmaking. These brands show that you don’t and that you’ve put some thought into your accessories and not just plumped for a chinese made fashion watch.

  8. Thank you guys for watching! And SPECIAL shout out to the notification squad that came from the Instagram Live! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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