Advice to a Young Man That Several of You Want

I gave this advice to one particular excellent kid on expanding his individual brand and social media influence .. I just wanted most of you to hear it also

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Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his household wine enterprise and grew it from a $3M to a $60M organization in just 5 years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, 1 of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in firms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before sooner or later co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as considerably value value as attainable by taking your concerns about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and household organizations and providing you his answers primarily based on a lifetime of constructing effective, multi-million dollar firms.

Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Internet, and SXSW, which you can watch correct right here on this channel.

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  1. Asheville Local

    Action is everything!! I don’t know how many times I can hear this and still not do it. It’s driving me crazy. I have a ton of what could be great ideas to help brand and expand. But no action.

  2. One thing super simple without getting in too deep, the reality of it. This video legit just contains nothing but truth and in it common fucking sense. People overthink, and began to make a super strategized master game plan on how to begin vlogging, while their 256GB iPhone is not even 1/6th used up on how much video should be in it ready to just be edited, and distributed. Know yourself, and begin. Easy to understand, hard to just let go and DO.

  3. My biggest take away from this is when you were talking about working on yourself. I believe that when you do finally come to peace with yourself, things start to change in your mind and in everything you perceive. Becoming great at being yourself is something people really don’t touch up on, and can cause you to lose touch with your purpose. It’s very difficult to be good at what you’re doing if you don’t know yourself, or the ultimate purpose of what you’re working towards. EXECUTION IS THE GAME! Thank you for the wise words Gary!!

  4. my takeways: distribute meaningful information. find that information from experts (or just interesting people). let them be the creators of content, and you be in more of a producer role. The audience will attribute some level of expertise to you through your information expert. the other obviously important thing is to just hustle and keep moving. something will work.

    p.s. i love that you gave me – your viewer a task that helped reinforce the value of your video. I am no "young man" but I need to pick up my pace into 2018 and your videos are excellent.

  5. Yh Collection

    What I took away from this video is being consistent for instance if he makes a different show everyday for 2 weeks by the 2nd week he’ll have a audience looking for what’s next and instagram stories is a great way to document daily because it forces you to put something new up within 24 hours

  6. IAmTeddyBearMusic

    …the part about who you Are versus who you Want to be was definitely something to think about. Knowing yourself is Crucial to the moves you make in Life.

  7. Devon Fitzpatrick

    The content MUST have a viable business container into which people may invest. For me this is a clothing line called, "One Life" I am hoping to bring into the public eye via social media content that reflects the meaning these shirts display. BUT, the content has to be scalable, the content has to be authentic, and I can’t act like I know everything and an dishing out advice as a struggling 23y/o — be transparent about the process!

  8. the one thing I took away from this video is the idea of branding yourself and thinking of yourself as a show and a facilitator of great ideas. In other words I am a platform from which people’s ideas get expressed and heard

  9. My biggest take away was documenting instead of creating. Not only does this create a realistic way to generate daily content, but there are so many examples that indicate that the "behind the scenes" or "day to day" is what people want to say. That advice is definitely going to change my approach to social media going forward. Thanks for the advice Gary!! Happy New Year!

  10. 1st takeaway: Just do. Just create, without much thinking about the fact that you’re-it or not. You will, and it will work. Just make it natural and your way of living.

  11. Dejmin Dejminovsky

    Get to know yourself through planing your time, actually start doing things, think in terms of practicality. Do more than thinking about it.

  12. PapaduaEATS

    really love this video. this just brought back all the momentum back where it should be! thanks gary you got a new sub

  13. Jake Henderson

    The little shit that takes the biggest effort can make the biggest difference and start the process to the top consistency is the way you have to go

  14. phillysportscards

    Thinking gets you know where, putting action in to the thoughts will get u somewhere cause you just did something that has a chance of growing ur thoughts stay in your head.

  15. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I need this man as my alarm. He would push me out of the bed every morning! I love this video! "Money isn’t the problem" I agree!!! It’s on you, to get money. "What’s the container, I am putting my money in"!!! YES

  16. Claudia Rivas

    What got me the most of this video was the executing instead of thinking so much about what to do.

    Like, everytime you say something about that it gets me because I am used to thinking sooo much about anything I want to do that I end up not doing anything. And it’s true we are too hard on ourselves. We are used to punishing ourselves and rejecting our own ideas until we come up with something we finally think is perfect. We just need to trust ourselves and our ability to create. And we’ll realize that any idea that pops up is a possibility.


    something that stuck with me is people are too busy in their minds, there not doing! I have lots of great ideas , that I haven’t acted on. Fuck fear,Its time to discover what I’m capable of!

  18. William Furtado

    Document Vs. Create. That was super meaningful. I know I definitely try to put something creative on my Insta vs documenting. But Gary is right, pump out more product, more eyes to see it. Shit won’t get done by posting once a week and living on hopes and dreams. Thanks Gary.

  19. Joshua Jeffree

    time to just do the shit you want to do now. I get caught up in thinking far to much and Gary vee just seems to kick my procrastinating ass in to gear.

  20. Gary, for me, the biggest take away of this video is the idea of the pillar up top that creates content below. My wife and I feel like we need to be doing something / creating something for others, but we are having a really difficult time understanding exactly what that is.

  21. The one thing I got? Go with my instinct.. Here’s why..  I’ve had the worst time of my life the last 3 years, (both parents passing, my dogs, the family home went & long-term girlfriend split). I was recently documenting it. I then thought, no, I’ve lost some ‘friends’ in doing so, & was convinced by a few others that "maybe its not a good idea".. So my thought process changed – "I’d rather make quality content and show what I have achieved rather than how".. I had planned to show the after effects with no deep "BTS".. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!!! I deleted the channel 4 months ago, at the most critical time.. I thought I had seen all your vids, Gary.. How the hell did I miss this.. As I type, my entire path has changed. FROM this ONE PIECE of content.. I have so much to say.. I could go deeper, Gary.. TO ANYONE WHO IS ON A JOURNEY LIKE MYSELF? WE ALL FOUND THIS VIDEO. I HOPE THIS HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE & YOU CREATE SOMETHING THAT WILL CHANGE SOMEONE ELSE’S. Keep up the hard work!!!!


    The one thing that I took from this video is START Doing something that you want to , Don’t waste time thinking too much. Your Idea will come along the way you are doing.

  23. John Richardson III

    Being authentic is the ONLY way to produce long term success. Keep expounding upon this gold Gary vee your a fucking mans man a real man a fucking boss ! Keep following your intuition mane

  24. Hunter Willhoite

    “And I think it’s easier when you have a level of success and it’s harder when you’re climbing up the ladder, but I think that theres a lot of people that if they talked about the journey of the climb could win. I think its the best piece of advice I can give right now…” Gary, if you truly want to hear a journey you’d be impressed with then follow me on Instagram so we can exchange emails. No excuses for how I live and will live.

  25. Flynn Bennell

    What I most take in from this vid is that I should stop being such a dumbass and stop ignoring the new trends and the social media platforms

  26. Eric Volkers

    Creating stories from unlimited angles and subjects. Interviewing expert people and answering questions that could help the general public etc… Awesome stuff

  27. SirMandeville

    Start from the top with a Clear Vision of what you want to achieve in the future then deconstruct it to something you can start working on today and tomorrow. People need to understand what it is they want and then break it down into attainable goals and then execute.

  28. Tushar Sharma

    I don’t know how your videos affect me, coz I just watch them and don’t actually do sth useful out of it. But I like the idea behind your videos, and that is to care more about your content than others. You have to care about others as well, but we should care much more about others, as that’s how we can add value to it and be valuable to a lot of people in return. I like the way you connect with people. At first, it may seem intimidating and daunting the way you talk about stuff unstoppable, but that’s sth real, sth most people want to say, but don’t muster enough strength to say. I also like the idea of actually start doing sth rather than complaining about stuff all the time. I am almost 25 and I worry a lot about useless shit all the time. I know that I am worth a lot more than what I am putting on the table right now, but still, it’s just a feeling and I have to do sth about it to actually prove myself that yes, I am worth it. Thanks a ton for these videos and hopefully one day when I will be successful in my own terms, I will surely let you know in some way or the other.

  29. victor cortez

    We got to document your work and fabricate to be able to distribute among others…. there is two other points that helped too. Documentation is needed. Journals, vloging or blogging comes a long way. You never know when you need that material for later use, or inspire future self or many people you greet. Tell them about your vids, or writing then they will get a good feel about you.

  30. Ryan Sutovich

    Number 1 take away was along the lines of, if you’re not creating content you should be redistributing content

  31. You gave the man a grind, and you gave him a time frame and due date. U want to see if he executes. I think that’s phenomenal.

    The idea is worth 5% became a mantra, doesn’t mean anything when we now, as a 40-50 person company, get contacted by someone who wants to partner with an idea we ask them “are you actively selling this now?” It’s almost always “no, it’s the idea I want to sell,” – fascinating.

    You said a quote once along the lines of “just pick one, doesn’t matter, you’re an entrepreneur as long as u work it will work.” I never forgot it. I stopped trying to manifest the perfect idea knowing I was just creating a potentially viable business in my mind everyday but never executing on it. Now, I co-own whiskerDocs, the US’s first REAL 24/7 pet help line. Just because I got sick of the ideas and wanted to get out there and do it. We tried everything and finally something clicked. We went from bleeding out to making revenue to having a banner year and right now, of course, are burning funds and looking for the next phase. The concept here is that we generated millions in revenue because we acted, not cause we sold someone an idea.

    If he emails you in thirty days with a ton of work done, I bet you’d invest a little more time into this fella 🙂

  32. trace cosby

    Hey gary, i liked the part about actually doing something rather than waiting a week and expecting to see improvement. I also loved the part about building relationships. I have been watchin alot of videos lately from u and would love to meet you face to face, i am tryin to find a way i can become an entrepreneur and to be able to show u im serious and have your knowledge behind me i can do Anything. Can i have your email to discuss some questions i had

  33. Check out the mfceo project podcast he is an example of a person that creates content. I love this YouTube channel btw

  34. Yannick Turck

    The most important thing to me is "be who you are" ! It is not that easy because I feel I am a contradiction!
    By the way, Gary I discovered you a few days ago only and you are so cool and inspiring, thank you for all the motivation you spread ! Every time I see your videos, I’d like you to come to Paris so we can have fun and you can give me some good advice for my personal branding and my current startup projets ! Would you like to come over in 2018?
    Thanks !
    Yannick Turck (One Up Jobs and GuiGuiGo are my 2 main projects I am passionate about)

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