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Verify out my personal guidelines and essentials for Men’s Style this Spring. Thumbs up if you want much more of these style guides!

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From: Anthony DelucV

tags Fairy tales (1985) – Paula Rego (1935)


  1. Michael Pesavento

    Hi Anthony, Great stuff! Glad to see the safari jackets back. Back in my day they gave your style a sense of adventure when there was a "Jet Set" who actually went on safari’s:) Everything old is new again,I guess. Thanks.

  2. Anthony could you make a video on the principles of layering, what to do, what to attempt to create, what not to do, all that jazz.

  3. Heh Anthony, I LOVE the red safari jacket! (I must find one!) Loving your vids and looking forward to your vids regarding your health/weight loss journey. 🙂

  4. Creepy Castaway

    What is a good app on my iPhone that I could use to editit. Because I want to start making videos again and don’t own a camera. I like the way we can here your voice but still see the products you are talking about. So what is good? And also would you want to get together and do an August/fall haul? I don’t have money to travel and am in a tough spot right now but you are my favorite you tuber. I have the same undercut and have been using your tips as well. If you could find a way that we could collaborate in a vid or hang out let me know. It’s a dream of mine bro! Be good!

  5. drosh413 david

    You really should be a contributing writer to like details or gq magazine. Style, grooming, music, you’re covering it all. And you’re presenting it in such a fun, casual way which makes it more accessible to individuals who may find the subject confusing and intimidating at times. Truly an outstanding video anthony..

  6. Fairly Interested

    It’s so interesting learning about guy’s fashion.  It seems like it’s getting more and more versatile, which I dig. Guys should get to play around with clothes as much as girls do!

  7. Scottie Milagro

    Also totally loving the longline trend right now. I’m not the tallest person (5’7") but I still think it looks amazing even on guys my height 🙂

  8. Jesus Fuentes

    I love your style! I keep telling people I have great style, I just don’t have the money to prove it LOL Great video! 🙂

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