six Sexiest Men’s Hairstyles Of 2017

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Alpha gets a tons of emails at Pete and Pedro about what styles are in/out and what style is gradually fading away. On Instagram, Alpha asked what is the sexiest men’s hair style. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle professional, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents the sexiest men’s hair types for 2017.

1. The Natural – casually cool and not overly processed or product. Lusciously extended on prime. Use Paste when damp and hit with a hair dryer

2. Classic Side Portion – by no means goes out of style and looks killer regardless of length. It is softer in 2017 with a more gradual of taper. Use Energy Pomade for high hold, high shine or Putty for high hold, low shine

3. Brief Messy Textured – great for guy on the go. You have a lot of possibilities with side length, which Alpha discusses.

four. Bad Ass Buzz/ Crew Cut – sexy and masculine when combining the beard into the buzz cut.

five. Killer Coif – has a bit of volume and playfulness. Use a pre-styler down a the roots and finish with hairspray

6. Soft and Attractive – longer on leading with layers and texture. Use Clay so it will have texture and separation.

** The Man Bun – declining reputation. Use Cream to achieve this look.

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  1. Brendan Joseph

    This is tricky for me, whenever I try slicking my hair back I have pesky little hairs that like to stick up after maybe a couple minutes after styling.

    My hair gets really long and doesn’t like to lay down until it’s maybe like 5-6 inches in length on top, it’s also very frizzy and coarse. What kind of hair style should I do?

  2. U look like a ball sack why the hell r u making videos on looks go n clean shits of piggis once look ur own face on mirror fucky asshole ugly…😂😂😂😂

  3. you missed the biggest category dude -men who are losing their hair. what’s there for us? shave, buzz, hair tattoo -giving up?

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