Single Dads, Pick MGTOW Way of life

Here’s the major factors I won’t be seeking for a ‘new mom’ for my son. Other single fathers, contemplate these points. For your kids’ sake.

Link to the dating video:

From: Felfop Returns



  1. Timothy Bladez

    You SIR possess foresight…..which is the last thing weighing on a single dad’s mind when jumping into a new relationship. You’re choosing a sensible approach, which will prove beneficial for both you and your son. How many grown children are quoted."Wow, my step mother was so great……." Just because you aren’t living society’s popular choice of jumping back into the couples pool, doesn’t mean you aren’t doing things right. When parents hit a grandslam, it deserves a standing ovation.

  2. MGTOW’S seem to me to be saddos who can’t hold a relationship together to me.

    not "don’t want to" , *can’t* .

    I don’t mean you btw.

  3. Kevin Hornbuckle

    I bet that your son is responding very positively to the amount of time, and quality of time that you guys are together.

  4. frontierguy449

    The online MGTOW community is neither large enough nor loud enough to affect government policy on marriage. Though, when you look at the demographics on marriage rates and birth rates for the past 50 years, they show a disturbing trend. The birth rate has been below the replacement rate for many years now, and if you take the births to single mothers out, the numbers are even worse. The question is whether governments will take any action beyond immigration to improve the population base. I cannot foresee any politician suggesting or telling women to have more children. If one is living MGTOW, it does not really matter.

  5. Gilgamesh Universe

    if a women is that emotionally immature to get jealous of a child and father she is stupid and deserves getting blamed for the relationship going to shit

  6. Sofa King Awesome

    Some just aren’t made for marriage or long term relationships. I would assume it’s harder when you’re also gambling with a child’s potential well being.

  7. Got a feeling your boy is going to grow up happy and strong. Can sense your dedication and commitment clearly here Felfop. Enjoy the journey together. 🙂

  8. Sleepy Young

    I’m in the same situation but with 5 kids. 6yrs divorced and staying away from women for the same reasons. I’m working my ass off building a business for them to have a future, I spend all day working and all my spare time (hahaha) with the kids. As stressfull and tiring as my life is I wouldn’t change a thing right now. When my youngest (8yrs) is grown up then I’ll think about relationships and stuff. Anyway with 16 and 12 girls there’s enough women in my life

  9. JimmyStiffFingers

    In a way I’m a little disappointed every time I see the phrase "No communists were harmed in making this". #MakePunchingCommiesGreatAgain

  10. Hey YouTube, why would I be interested in videos from channels I’ve long since unsubscribed from? Almost as bad as Facebook suggesting I add people I wouldn’t even know had unfriended me if they weren’t now being suggested cos we have ‘mutual friends’!!

  11. BeautifulBerserker

    really great points! blended family’s are insanely hard!!!!!!! I think you are a great dad and being selfless for your kid. hey who knows maybe when your son is grown and out of college you will find a fun free spirited woman to be old with. if not there is so much more to life then that. ☺

  12. I’ll be frank, I disagree. I think single parent households, of either gender, are broken children factories. You should, for the sake of your child, attempt to find a good role model for both genders. If you’re incapable of finding a good role model, it may be best for the child if you found them a home where they can get that. Feel free to disagree, as it is, ultimately, your child. I would never demand you, or any single parent, lose their child.

  13. Vipersword100

    Honestly, I don’t blame men for going their own way. With the way some women act nowadays. But I like how you’re thinking of your son more than anything. The bond between father and son is always special.

  14. Darin Conard

    Excellent video, bud. But it saddens me that it all had to be said, would hope that kind of thinking would be "standard equipment" for most men by now …

  15. Not a parent but I’d imagine the ideal situation would be to meet a nice single mom and you guys could all hang out together and the kids could play together while you get to know each other. Could be tricky if things don’t work out, but not necessarily disastrous because both of you would understand that the primary concern was your kids.

  16. SFGHOW Warrior

    I’m a single full time Father too. Two daughters. Women get insanely jealous of me and my daughters relationship. You are not alone bro

  17. Beef Chavez

    Looking more and more that way. Want to have kids myself, but I don’t see relationships/marriage as viable unfortunately.

  18. whitemaledreg

    Wow. Doing something that women had been forced to do since the rise of patriarchy and stroking yourself off over it using social media? Awesome, man.
    Are you able to do all that while using the other hand to pat yourself on the back?

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