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  1. Like, I didn’t even watch the video and I’m already maximally bored because of that intro.
    Maybe don’t to that in future videos, begging for likes, promoting stuff etc. is fine after or perhaps somewhere in the middle of the video, not at the damn start when you havent provided any value

  2. Freedom Angel

    I never know what it meant when you had a ring on the middle finger which I seem to do with all the ring I own which is about 4

  3. Edward Deaney

    1: It’s the fourth finger/ring finger, not the forth finger.
    2: The Signet Ring (family crest) is worn on the left little finger for men and right little finger for women. When men get married they have a choice of not wearing a wedding ring, wearing the wedding ring on the left ring finger and moving the signet to the right little finger, or finally wearing the wedding ring behind the signet ring on the left little finger.
    3: I you don’t flip your videos, why is your jacket breast pocket on the right hand side‽

  4. Dare Devil 'Ashley Purdy rp'

    I’m at 4:56. and ok I .get the feeling he’s talking about men wearing rings. and since I’m a girl. I’m outta here.

  5. Kenny L. Cobb, Jr.

    The origin of the Wedding Ring on the 3rd finger has to do with the main vein in that finger goes directly to the heart. It is the only finger that has a direct vein to the heart.

  6. I wear rings on my middle fingers & thumbs on either hand.
    (2) matte black & gray silicone rings; black ring thumb left hand, & gray middle right
    (1) surgical steel, 316L stamped skull ring, left hand
    (1) gold inlay stainless steel, glow-in-the-dark right hand thumb

    Originally, I wanted to put rings on my forth & index fingers for left & right hands. However a plain band on index fingers & a personalized ringers on forth fingers.
    I’m in the market for an USMC ring for my right forth finger.
    I am stretching my ears to 12mm-15mm.
    I’m going for overall shock value, living up to a Marine’s status being America’s Shock Troopers
    I am 44.5yrs old.
    Disabled Marine Veteran

  7. Lacemaker427

    What I noticed first was the misspelling of “fourth” as “forth.” Then, that his numbering was off by one, at leas compared to what I’ve been taught. The thumb generally isn’t considered finger #1, it’s just the thumb. Your pinky is finger #4, and that makes the fing finger #3. Disagree? Tell me why!

  8. Sebastian Fick

    wow, what an uninformative and drawn out video. and yes you did only touch the tip of the ice berg. I did not come here for this.

  9. I’m always using my ring to show symbolism. I wear my ring on the middle finger of my right hand because I got the wrong size and it only fits on my middle finger. The deepest meaning possible!

  10. mike Cochran

    Just to let this guy know an all black ring on the middle finger right hand is a wearable symbol of someone who is Asexual. I know this because i am an ace and i wear my black ring always.

  11. Bonefetcher Brimley

    Your face in that wedding photo amuses me it’s like. "God I want a sandwich, once this pic is done I am going to go pig out at the catering table!" It made me smile. So yea, thank you :3

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