Ralph Lauren Showcases New Purple Label Collection at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Luxury clothes designer Ralph Lauren launches his Purple Label Spring 2017 Collection at Milan Style Week.

The Ralph Lauren Purple Label Spring 2017 Collection embraces 1 of life’s greatest luxuries, excellent imperfection. This touch of leisure is woven by way of sportswear, haberdashery, formalwear and accessories.

Sportswear exudes ease with signature rugged and rustic particulars while speaking to a more active and urban life style, introducing air-spun cashmere and jersey sweaters, tropical-wool running shorts and water-resistant track pants. A nautical theme is woven by way of a group of higher-performance pieces, such as a neoprene duffel coat with handmade leather specifics and an ultra-lightweight airmesh windbreaker. Fine craftsmanship is celebrated in a battle jacket and jumpsuit with embroidery, and handsome suede is place into a hooded sweater with a laced henley opening.


tags Image from web page 285 of “Our domestic animals, their habits, intelligence and usefulness” (1907)


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