Hey guys. Right now i’m bringing you my fall trends video where i will be talking about the most common trends for this fall/autumn season. This is what I gathered from articles, magazines, blogs, and so on. I narrowed it down to my top 5 favourite trends that are accessible and very easily styled. Let me know down beneath in the comments what is your favorite trend at the moment? Which trend do you hate? Are you excited for fall? Let’s commence a conversation down beneath! (New fall lookbook coming quickly)

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  1. gerald surratt

    American men clothes are boring. Same thing year after year after year. I will not be wearing the basic Trends this fall for 2017 all my Trends are mostly metallics python mink with red fox tails motorcycle jackets down I have silver gold black black with fringe black with studs. I have every matching Half Blood to match the jacket. I will be starting a over-the-knee low heel boot trend for men. Not everybody can’t wear that style. The average American man today is stick in his body and big feet. I’m going totally with the Korean Style. You cannot wear the Korean style because the sizing is different. You have to be slim. Patent leather over-the-knee boots matching patent leather gloves Japanese ponytails That’s My Style for the fall and winter. I will never be boring again

  2. Rutherford Ashley

    This guy has it so so so so so utterly wrong. He is right about grey. But I would get a jacket or mix and match with that. Solid colors are the thing now, esp. the colder colors green, blue, grey. Inside out jackets you can get are awesome that way you can wear one thing one day and another er… another. In lieu of the sweater, which we forget about after season, why not get some hoodies to match your mood for the evening every night of the week? You can always save them or wear them throughout spring sans the chunky jackets or if it warms on days in winter. My only suggestion is headwear. Beanies are cool, but a Kangol be better but them Kangold don’t cover your ears. But be safe in fashion, in the bedroom and everywhere. Love you. Rutherford Metatron Ashley​… Peace 🙂

  3. Much2Troublesome

    I think I’m too use to the (BS) high standards of flawlessness of female beauty/fashion youtubers because the first thing I thought was ‘did he forget to use concealer for the video?’ Awks. But otherwise I like the video, ; loved all the outfits, especially the first one 😀

  4. i love to see guys thinking about what to wear this is the first time i saw a style video from a guy for guys and im impressed 👍 😀

  5. Not a fan of big square patterns. It always shows up as a passing fad, that’ll be unwearable 6 months to a year later. No thanks.

  6. thanks alot for the videos man!! helping me a lot upping up my style! If girls like it i dont mind what others say! 😀

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