New Style Trend: Rompers for Guys

Yahoo Style’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Zee warns males not to jump on the 1-piece trend as well rapidly.

From: ABC News

tags Image from web page 420 of “Epitome: Yearbook 1910” (1910)


  1. a_slight_veneer_of_privacy

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

  2. Nate fletcher

    lookes cute , get over yourself. also literally wall women can stfu you say you dont want a mans input and you dessing for yourself well DITTO

  3. Shnaz Fangler

    Their will always be manly men so go fuck yourself abc and anyone else pushing, no, shoving this gay fagot agenda down our throats. The fact that u have to be a dick sucking homosexual to get anywhere in Hollywood also shows where the agendas lie.

  4. Roll Tide World MF'in Wide !

    Overalls are masculine because there not tight fitting, Rompers look gay because its tight and shows off a man ass like something females wear

  5. Give me a 1930s style double breasted suit with wide peak tip lapels, a hat and a vest. Let these girly faggots have their stupid romphims. I’ll stick to a traditional style that actually embraces masculinity.

  6. Mr. Roget Faust

    These can be done in a manner that is not emasculating. #RogetFaust #MenInRompers are not all Gay! Roget Faust in linen jumper form Zara Rocked!

  7. Mechanics and race car drivers have always looked sexy in loose dirty "JUMPSUITS" it’s deciding to call it a damn romper that makes it sound gay af AND then making them short and tight wtf? Nooo… leave the rompers for women

  8. Vanity Flair

    If you like it, wear it! Nothing non-living has a gender or sexual orientation tied to it… All you dumb fuckers that are so hooked up on gender roles and norms should honestly get a life! As for the people who want to wear these FEAR NOT!!! Wear whatever makes you comfortable!

  9. For one man in the mechanic industry Wore coveralls or jumpsuits so don’t act like its just a woman thing the only thing a roomper is a version with shorter length pants aka shorts eff off.

  10. I would wear one , ppl that think a piece of clothing defines your sexually are insecure as fuck , or they aren’t comfortable with their sexuality period clothes don’t fucking define your sexuality at all ppl !!

  11. Coveralls weren’t designed to be a fashion garment. They were designed to be functional clothes for people who work in dirty, greasy jobs like mechanics, janitors, railroad track repairmen, farmers, etc.

  12. Gay Bottom Pride

    I really wish our society would stop with these stupid and primitive gender stereotypes. Let people wear what they want and feel comfortable in, and keep your sexist comments to yourself. Also ACB you should get some better and more professional host. I was shocked at how bigoted and sexist these women were.

  13. Smh soon men will be shopping in women’s section, American is pushing that gay agenda really hard, but hell will be even hotter. Sick world without any morals.

  14. Anthony Crowe

    Jumpsuits for men? I’m does anyone know their history. Pilots and and military still wear them I still have mine from they navy I use it when I work on my car. It’s not for everyone it’s not a debate or a big deal. We got men wearing skirts and no one is talking about that. Why should any be a slave to gender conformity?

  15. I am going to try to get into Tailoring my own version there’s is to close fitting restrictive I want one more casual loose-fitting one wich I could train in .
    Have it sleeve less

    maybe color it orange make it a large collar v neck jump in from top walla wear blue Haines shirt and wrap it together with sash belt to bring in and walla I look like goku suit.

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