My complete GUCCI collection by Alessandro Michele: Men’s Fashion 🌈

My initial collection video, all products from the new Gucci by Alessandro Michele purchased amongst Could 2016 and June 2017.

Things featured in the video, which includes link to detailed video (if accessible) – all costs in USD:

Net and snake print wool scarf $395

Double wolf elastic belt $370

Courier GG supreme passpart case $450

Iowa buckle/queercore brogue boots $1490

Princetown slippers with fur $995

Princetown slippers with Donald Duck $690

Floral embroidered ace sneakers $695

Angela Hicks snakes & ladders t-shirt $490
Angela Hicks criminal couture t-shirt $490

Duke shirt with snake collar $540

Duke shirt with sea storm print (and Donald Duck) $720

Wool knit sweater with bengal tiger $980
Bengal tiger windbreaker $1400

Floral jacquard silk bomber with King Charles Spaniel $3750

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Thank you for watching!

From: SartorialPhil

tags Circa 1915 – “Coogee Beach” Panorama, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (restored version)


  1. Gwladys Ebah

    hand me your gucci right now !!
    I’m warning you I have a mouse and I won’t hesitate to unsub if you dont give me all of your collection !!

  2. im so scared to own expensive fabric that will get sweat and smell from my skin. if i lived in a very cold climate 24/7 then id get them. lol

  3. Andzia Gaming

    I dont even have money for one hoodie ( or just key case) from gucci ;-; But okay glay your happy xd (sorry for my english)

  4. Connoisseur M

    Awesome collection Phil. I can’t believe you haven’t worn any of them yet! The DD Princetown slippers should be easy to wear as its Summer and the Ace sneakers pretty much go with everything! That bomber has amazing detail and really deserves to be worn. As ever, thanks for taking the time to shoot the video.

  5. [] Thanks. It took a bit to do. Microsoft ACE couldn’t handle the differing image scales, out of whack alignment angles & interrupted overlaps of the 4 x original prints. Only way forward for me was a complete manual re-sizing, re-alignment & stitching up, butt end to end. Then some PS tidying up & a few hours fine adjustment here and there. Easy. ;o)

  6. MrRocktex1978

    love your Gucci collection especially the wolf belt, the passport cover, the embroidered jeans, the duke snake collar shirt and the fancy dog jacket. Have u see the LV supreme collection and the lines to go in to buy the items. What do you think of the Supreme LV ?

  7. I love your Gucci collection. The new Gucci is so fun! Just a question.. what’s the quality of Gucci scarves? I’m thinking of getting the classic men’s monogram reversible scarf in wool.

  8. fizzyfoster

    They made a Gucci Courier passport case…?? I can’t find it in the UK store and just got a LV case instead.. had I seen this a week earlier.. ah well

  9. Mr. MICHAEL

    This is an awesome video & great collection… It’s all about the Gucci… My favorite accessory is your belt, fav shoes is the boots, and fav ready to wear has got to be the blue windbreaker jacket – once again very cool. Keep the Gucci coming!!

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