My Evening Time Routine (Physique Update + Men’s Grooming Ideas)

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  1. angel sanchez

    Jose: I don’t like to take my shirt off on a video

    Next thing you know he does half of the video without a shirt 😂😂😂

  2. Joey Allison

    my diet consists of black beans, fruit, lean chicken breast, tilapia, and broccoli. once a month ill splurge and have a pizza. but on those days i double up on the push ups and do 700 push ups.

  3. Joey Allison

    i agree man having the right genetics, and naturally rounded torso. I’ve got the physique of a super hero. all of that from doing 300 push ups a day for the last 7 months. and weigh 128lbs. when i started was at 107lbs. I’m 5’7" 33 years old. Have the body i wanted in my 20’s. the guys hate me, but the women love me. and i love the women man.

  4. This channel is all advertising. Wear fitted clothes, wash face morning and night, brush teeth morning and night, eat small meals with protein and complex carbs, drink a lot of water, drink tea. That’s it channel over

  5. Damn the discount really helps that toothbrush was 200 bones and the discount reduced it to 60 bones. U really know how to hook it up thanks

  6. Rugor Benson

    Do some neck/trap training your toro is big but it doesn’t match head (no offence). Also, do grip/forearm work and stretch a lot.

  7. Juanito Romero

    when will one of this online stores and products be avalible in Mexico?
    for all your other suscribers that are not from USA

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