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Right here is my step by step Morning Routine in 7 minutes for you 🙂

I have partnered with premium brand Philips, to showcase their new ‘Beard Trimmer 7000’ from their mens grooming range. The BT7000 Is the only men’s shaver on the market to have a vacuum program catching 90% of all hairs. With all the traveling I do, the Philips BT7000 is a truly handy piece of kit. To uncover out more verify out the link below.


Weblog –

Products Employed In This Video:
Philips BT7000 –
L’Oreal Shower Gel –
La Roche Posay Face Wash –
Kevin Murphy Beach Texturiser –
Paco Rabanne Roll On –
Black Label Shaping Paste –
Boots Eye Drops –
La Roche Posay Moisturiser –
MAC Bronzer –
Georgio Armani Lip Balm –

From: Carl Cunard

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  1. I like how you made a vain comment about looking in the mirror after the shower….mannn cmon lets be honest…the whole premise of this video is vain lmao

  2. Paul Purcell

    Bro, thanks for the tip about the shaver. I just got mine last night and used it for the first time this morning. Thanks Man!

  3. Also, did you put on the same orange underwear you had on when you woke up? I just noticed that they were the same pair after the shower

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