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My Morning Routine [2016] + Mens Way of life Tips

Right here is my Morning Routine as requested! Hope it Inspires you in some way. 🙂
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Thanks for the love & help absolutely everyone! Truly signifies the world to me! Mad love to every & everybody of you! I really feel crazy blessed to have you by my side!
-Dre Drexler

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  1. Because this video was made so long ago, I doubt you’re gonna read this. I just had to say something once I recognized you were listening to Oceans. Great song

  2. Omg! after watching this video, i felt motivated. it seems this is what i am doing perhaps before but right now im occupied with many things that i forgot the things i am doing before i sleep and waking up in the morning. Thanks a lot for reminding me by watching this video i got another ideas of how i can feel look confident of my self and yes as what you said, to be a better version of myself.

  3. Michael Gray

    Hollld on:
    You’re encouraging people to not eat anything besides coffee until the afternoon? Do you really think that’s keeping you healthy? That’s some terrible advice.

    (The rest is good though)

  4. Roberto Trombetta (off for a while)

    [] [] many thanks 🙂

  5. But i m not ur type skin colour i have not enough money fr those things do!
    Jst i m not good looking like u!
    Umm how i improved mah body nd skin☺

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