My Daily Grooming Routine | Smell Great Each day (three Approaches)

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  1. IamNotTheReal SerjTankian

    Your whole hair + beard combo is the best combo, I’ll say it again, it’s my ultimate goal!

  2. @Teachingmensfashion Jose your such a inspiration you got your life together, you remind me of my uncle that died long ago, you sort of look like him. Keep uploading those very informative videos. I want to be at your level of success, or even beyond.

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you use to wash your clothes, such as detergent and dryer sheets? Most people don’t think of that but, I have come across and seen that it does make a big factor in terms of how people smell.

  4. Terrell Chew

    So I have a question

    Do you only use this routine when you plan to go somewhere? Is it a good idea to do this daily? And do you dress nice even when you don’t go anywhere either?

  5. Logan Felder

    A great shampoo for the rest of the upper body scent. Gotta mention though powder can help keep foot odor down, taking care of your toes…usually forgotten about, will keep shoes and feet smelling better longer.

  6. Asim Mohammed

    Love the enthusiasm in the videos, shows you’re a lot more confident and your speech comes across better. Keep on improving👏🏻

  7. Derek Ugochukwu

    I work 9 to 5. Nivea 48h cool kick does magic for me. my major challenge is oily skin. I do all exfoliating, moisturising, powdering but yet.. any advice? thanks for video BTW. 😊

  8. bamischijfje123

    I don’t agree with the body wash. At first body wash is bad for your skin and second, when you are using a cologne the oders are going to clash.
    I do agree with the personal smell, like deodorant, fragrance and wax make your own combination

  9. Adonis Richards

    Grooming lounge is ok but you’ve gotta try chassis. It’s expensive but it’s by far the best powder out there.

  10. Nicolas Urquhart

    Your beard need some work man.. hahaha maybe shorter is for you, and add to the routine the bears products like beard soap, oil and balm! 😉 You get nice complements from girls with a nice, clean, soft, and fresh nice smelling beard! keep it up with the vids!

  11. Greetings Jose,A few years ago, you made a video in which you expressed that the best solution for your sockless routine was a product called not socks. Do you still feel it’s the best option or has this talc powder by grooming lounge become a better option? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  12. LightsOut05

    I usually get up at 730 get a shower with body wash and shampoo then apply baby powder to my feet and neck then I put on deodorant and style my hair with American crew fibre

  13. Im 17 and ive been a really heavy sweater, i wouldnt even be warm and id have sweat stains, i found out about certain dri and I stopped sweating from day one

  14. Luis Preciado

    Ay always wear deodorant OK most of the times I think that you should wear cologne,deodorant, and cream and sometimes a very good hair Product no matter what, why because it feels just right not all the time but most of the times be smart.

  15. For me it’s a shower, lotion, spray, and power down there. And before I walk out the door I must have on a good smelling fragrance.

  16. Sergio Ledezma

    Helped with grooming my hair once I first grew it out for the first time in my life so PLEASE help me look fly and stylish with off white Jordan’s 🙂

  17. Certain Dri is the best over the counter antiperspirant out there. Use at night every couple of days, depending on the severity of sweat you have, and then use a deodorant in the morning to combat odor during the day.

  18. David M. Spence

    Jose, my man! I just want to say that I love how you mentioned the fact the deodorant is alcohol/aluminum free, etc. This is just my personal opinion, but I feel like if you’re advocating products, they should be as natural/not harmful to the body as possible. Too many people don’t even bother to read the list of ingredients as long as something looks/smells/tastes good and then wind up with cancer 20 years down the road and wonder why. I would definitely love to see further emphasis on this in the future! Big ups!

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