Morning Routine 2016 – My realistic lifestyle…Seriously

Morning Routine 2016
Morning Routine https://youtu.be/5q3Y3Ou_6ls

In this video you get a appear into my winter morning routine. I say winter due to the fact I’m distinct with every single season.

Anyway this was a request from one particular of my awesome subscribers. As usually, if there is one thing you would like to see carried out, let a brotha know and I’ll do what I can.

So pretty significantly I wake up like everybody else. Soon as that light hit my face I can’t stay in bed. I want I could but my physique literally forces me to get up. You know I find it odd that I often wake up early when I never have to function or go to college but when I have to do 1 of the two I often wake up late. (does that take place to any individual else in addition to me?

Rule number 1! Always make the bed. Its just a single of those habits I picked up from 1, my mom kicking my ass when it wasn’t created up and two from the military kicking my ass when it wasn’t created up. Now I truly appreciate producing my bed. Its one of my first accomplishments of the day.

After I make my bed I grab a PT mat and commence my morning routine. The workouts aren’t developed to get me all sweaty but just open my lunges up a little bit and get the blood going. I like to save my real workouts for later. I pick maybe six workouts and I perform 30 reps on every single one for muscle memory. It also gives me a nice pump so I can fill out my shirts lol. I like to do abs workout but I also do squats and calf raises since I’m afraid of getting skinny legs.

Following that I clean up my workstation and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, floss and rinse in that order. Never ever had a cavity and I am proud of that. I did not comprehend how rare that is. Following cleaning the grill, I clean my face with warm water and a cleanser. I rinse it off with the coldest water I can uncover. From there I dry my face off and instantly put on some moisturizer because i have desert skin and I will dry up like a raisin super fast.

Once I finish that I take my everyday supplements. I have a multivitamin 2 fish oils 1 biotin and 1 probiotic. I really feel truly weird if I miss a day of that. I truly drink two bottles of water soon after but in the video it shows me with 1.

From there I shower. I know its weird but I never wash my face in the shower. I like to maintain both eyes open for some purpose.

After I get some garments on, I take the dogs out so they can use the rest area clean up the backyard a bit due to the fact I don’t want to step in there crap. It was truly warm that day…windy as well.

From there I go inside and make breakfast. This distinct morning was light. I have a tendency to consume more at evening so I keep breakfast simple yet hardy. A protein shake will suffice. In my smoothie I have berries, ice, water, peanut butter and a protein. Absolutely nothing extravagant. I always make enough for two out of habit but its all for me

Following breakfast, I go to the pc check for any messages, maybe create a weblog and post to my website and check my analytics to see if I am on target with my goals.

After that is completed, I am out the door, off to an adventure of some sort.

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From: Nathen Mixon (MixonFitness)



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