Men’s Style Ideas & Winter 2017 Style Guide | Physician Mike

Hey, guys! For today’s videos I put collectively my winter 2017 style guide. I genuinely do consider that seeking great is important for self self-confidence! Want to see more men’s fashion suggestions on my channel? Let me know in the comments beneath and share this video with your stylish males! Do not neglect to subscribe for new videos each and every Sunday ▶

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  1. Let’s be real. When you are that good looking you can pretty much wear anything 😋 but I do appreciate the great style.

  2. rashida mufaddal

    Hello dr Mike I m from India watching ur videos u r an awesome person I m on bed last 1 month and from 13 yrs having spine problems I have 9 disc bulges need to talk to u in personnel how can I

  3. perseus müeller

    You seriously look like a full waffle twat in every single one of these "outfits". You know shit about mens style, man. Grow up.

  4. chenliang wang

    Great styles!!! The MK jacket in 4:27 seems sold out on most websites, I just find one on eBay, but it is not my size:(. The Name is Black Quilted Jacket with leather in case anyone interested.

  5. Doctor Disney

    Doctor Mike, Could you please do a vid on diff styles of "business casual" for men to wear under white coats? I think it’d be a hit! Too many just settle for a shirt, tie, and slacks, but there is so much more, like color coordination, accessories, sharp shoes, sweaters, etc.

  6. Please make more videos like this, like twice a year maybe. This is the best men’s style guide I find on Youtube, I’ve never liked the style of any youtuber this much, you know how to choose elegant items and match them.

  7. Signe Pedersen

    Why the heck would you wear a dead animal around your neck? I doesn’t make sense? You talk and talk about stuff like dogs (an animal) and then you walk around in a jacket with a dead animal… It′s a shame, just saying…

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