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Mens Fashion Spring Summer OOTD + Large YOUTUBE NEWS!!!

∆ I have teamed up with four of the prime Men’s Style/Hair YouTuber’s, Collectively we are The Class Act Crew! Please SUBSCRIBE to our new group channel which will be launching on JUNE 3rd. The rest of The Crew will also be revealed on JUNE 3rd as effectively! Who could they be?! Keep up to date with our launch by liking and following our social platforms below. We will be creating lots of contests and Free giveaways ahead of launch so Stay TUNED if you want to win some stuff!


∆ Adhere to ME @TimBryanOfficial ∆

/ INSTAGRAM /@TimBryanOfficial
Snapchat: @ClassActCrew


From: Tim Bryan

tags Image from page 23 of “Book of the Royal blue” (1897)


  1. Great video bro. Outfit was on point! definitely something i would rock myself!
    Can’t wait to see this channel that you are apart of! Looks like it will be dope.

  2. Great video tim!! cant wait for the channel to launch!! you should download the new app Fyuse i think it would be really good for showing off different styles and for your channel! and the Class act crew ofcourse! hahah 🙂

  3. Great video Tim!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the new channel, you should do a 25 fact about me so we can get to know you a little more haha but other than that, loving the hard work you’re putting into youtube! <3

  4. So it’s You, Dre Drexler, Lucafersko, that other I know but I don’t know the username, and a person who I have no idea. lol

  5. Cameron,Luca,you, and Dre
    Lol awesome outfit bro keep up the amazing content
    1 quick question what do you apply to your hair it looks shiny my hair look in a way dry and I apply aloe oil what do you recommend

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