Men’s Style 2017 – Streetwear

Thanks for watching. Giving me some recommendations on how you would like these videos to go. Im up for some constructive criticism. Also dont forget to smash that THUMBS UP SAAAN!
Clown Hoodie-
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Beats By :
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tags Image from web page 248 of “The Ladies’ house journal” (1889)


  1. lol "i dont like shopping anywhere except New York bc all the trends start in NY and go to LA." dumbest fuckin thing ive ever heard. u know nothing about fashion bro. srsly ur style is for all the coke head foreigners that are sitting in front of face cream shops trying to hand you a packet of the best face cream in the world…

  2. Abhinav Bhatnagar

    Name suggestion: PeaceoftheStreets
    its both a throwback to the PVP original days and encompasses the positivity in your vlogs

  3. Gummyworm Jim

    Yo, I know this shit is hella late, but I hope you’re over the Yeezys finally. You got swag for days but… C’mon. They were never fly bro. "I never wore Yeezys that’s a fact. Boi, them shits is cheezy! You know that!" -blackbear
    You still get a like cuz youre the shit, Jesse!

  4. RobbieMaynardCreates

    I dont care for the content so much but I like the editing and all the BROCK BERRIGAN MUSIC aka Most Underrated Musician out there.

  5. 24Elliottwaves

    You may call this channel JESSEvsINFINITY or simply JESSEvs8 (8 representing the infinity) or Jvs8. It has got to be Jesse versus the infinity. There is no more limit, conquer the infinity.

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