Men’s Hairstyle 2017 | Short Men’s Hair | Casual Cool Hairstyle


In this video Model and Actor Cristian Gonzalez (@cristopher_enjoy), goes for an easier to maintain, short and casual hairstyle. We started by trimming and cleaning up his sides and back. Then, layering and cutting his bangs and the top of his head, into the shape as observed.

»» Measurements ««
Bangs: 3.five – 5 inches | 1:04
Best: 2 – four inches | 1:20

»» Featured Solution ««
Carter Provide Business | ELEVATE | Medium Lifting Cream
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»» Credit««
►Hair: Original Barbershop | 174 E. 2nd St, New York, NY 10009

»» Featured Music ««
►NaNa & MARIN – OK

From: Carter Provide Company



  1. Carter Supply Company

    Hey Everyone, we realize it isn’t always easy to show your barber or stylist a video when getting your haircut. We put together an album of still photos you can show the next time you need a haircut. Just pull the link up on your phone during your next visit.
    Let us know if you need anything else!

  2. Eddie Aparicio

    Can sombody help with this question: the hair goes to the left or to the right (being view from face to face)?
    Sorry for my english, i’m not native speaker.

  3. htownsfinest87

    What the fuck is that excuse of a fade lol. Look over his right ear you can see where the straight lines are, can get a better cut from the 8 dollar Korean barber

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