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Mens Haircut 2017 | Best Trendy Haircut for 2017 | Textured Short Haircut

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So this year the trend will be a quick haircut with tons of texture and a cropped fringe in the front. This offers you the messy, short hairstyle as effectively as a refined look if you with to portion it to the side. Make positive you add texture and blend everything otherwise it will appear like a bowl cut!

Caros Haircut (wavy hair):

//- Sides and back: clipper to a two guard (bald taper)
//- Best: two inches all the way around
//- Fringe/Bangs: Half an inch above eyebrows

Blend almost everything collectively and you are very good to go!
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From: TheGentlemansCove

one hundred


  1. Robert Torres

    No wonder these barbers keep messing up my hair. They keep trying to do this when all I ask is a 2 on the side and four on top. It also explains why black barbers do it right.

  2. if someone left my salon with this haircut they would immediately be calling to complain about the line and its not blended well ect.. if it was blended better and more textured on top it would be badass.

  3. Ezria Daniels

    I hate when people get a certain haircut because it’s a trend! Just get what you like, no need to be a follower of others.

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