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Mens Hair + Sexy Hairstyles for Summer 2016

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Hey Guys! Here we are! Summer is a couple weeks away and I’m stoked! I just got a new reduce and I’ve been trying all sorts of new types with it! Here are a couple great looks that you can get some concepts from for this summer time! Hope you dig the video, if you do please hit that Like button for me! Also, stay tuned for a cool message at the end as properly!

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-Dre Drexler

Products Utilised:
Wide Tooth Comb:
Argon Oil Mousse:
HanzDeFuko Hair Wax Products:
Sebastian Hairspray:

Wait – HySociety
Human – Manafest

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From: Dre Drexler



  1. bro the thing you said at the end, something like, let’s work hard today so we can live the life others dream of tomorrow. that really moved me, like, i think i’m gonna keep your words until the grave, thank you so much for that.

  2. Juan Angel Venegas

    Would you recommend the use of pomade to get that greaser-60s style? Do girls even like that at all, or have I been doing this wrong my whole life?

  3. Quenton Millstid

    To sum up what you said in better words. This is quote from someone’" Be able to sacrifice what you are today for what you will become" – somebody

  4. andro fanatic

    I am a girl but I have a boyish hair style that’s similar to his and at least I now know some things to do with other than comb blow-dry hair spray

  5. Harwinder Thakur

    you call this shit as dope.. hell no man people wanted their hair straight so they can style it in every direction and you are making them wavy but the 2nd hair style was good….

  6. people who dont know what to say to barber when getting haircut i always show them a picture and they make me hair like dat

  7. Help me out bro. What camera do you use to film your vids as I’m interested in this and need to film some vids for a lifestyle course of mine. Thanks so much

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