MEN’S DESIGNER Style: MY Prime five Higher Style BRANDS FOR Men Summer season 2016

Hey Guys, in this video I wanted to talk about my top5 men’s high fashion brands. let me know down under your prime five!

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  1. My Favorites Are (from low to high) Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Saint Laurent. But I also love Off-White but it’s not a classic. Loved the video! Definitely subscribing!

  2. Carlo Nicklaus Salazar

    1. Givenchy – because of the wearability and not in your face logos
    2. Saint Laurent – but mainly because of their bags and shoes ,great designs but most are made for skinny people
    3. Ralph Lauren – for the basics
    4. Bottega venetta – for the leather accessories , specially the intrecciato detail
    5 LV – for the accessories to but I think they overpriced. Pvc bags have higher price points than leather bags are not worth it for me

    As for the backpacks if it is both leather I go for SLP, but if you are looking at nylon I go for MJ’s as it would cost you just half the price!

  3. Ernesto Guidos

    1.YSL-My favorite brand. No words to describe them, but if I had to, beautiful and sexy come to mind. Incredible and second to none quality. I cannot get enough of this brand. Their boots and shirts are my favorite pieces from them. But everything is mindblowing. Incredible, incredible, incredible brand!😍😍👌👑👏
    4.Burberry-A great brand with amazing quality. Imo I prefer this brand for the winter and fall, but great all around. Plus not as expensive as other brands👌
    Versace- Unique, elegant, luxurious, charming, and bold. The perfect "summer" brand imo. Their colors and prints match the summer season too well to be overlooked. Very popular, which is good and bad.😣💙
    2.Gucci- One of my favorite brands.😍💙💚💛❤🌸🌹🌼🌻Beautiful, elegant, classy, bold, unique, daring, and mainstream. Everybody knows Gucci. Alessandro is very daring and risky, but imo it is working great. An all year round brand. Lovely brand and will always remain a classic. I love Gucci, always have. Bad thing is their quality has gone down a bit, but is barely noticeable because I is still great! And it is obviously an incredibly popular brand, which is a suckish note honestly. Evern though their clothing I unique and different, everybody knows Gucci, even without knowing fashion….😣
    3.Dolce and Gabanna- No words. One of my favorite brands as well. Classic, royal, beautiful, elegant, unique and luxurious. There are no words to describe how gorgeous D&G is! Everything about them, especially their apparel, is just😊😍.I find they lack in bags slightly less than other brands, but their quality is still amazing! Love, love, love this brand so much. And the best thing is…… is not too mainstream☺🌸🌹👑
    6.Valentino- Expensive, but great clothing and quality. Beautiful and charming is what comes to mind when I think of this brand. They are great!😀
    I messed up on the order so I had to come back and edit.
    Other great brands
    All Saints
    Bottega Veneta
    Louis Vuitton ( OVERATED but I like them)
    Mont Blanc
    Marc Jacobs

  4. No particular order, nice channel too!
    1. Yohji Yamamoto/ Y3
    2. Comme Des Garcons
    3. Anybody who’s part of Antwerp 6 (Walter van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester,
    Dries van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs)
    4. Martin Margiela
    5. Junya Watanabe


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