MEDIUM LENGTH HAIR TUTORIAL | For males – Jarl Andersen

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Anyway it took me 7 hours to edit this Video and about two hours to film! So I truly hope you Enjoyed it & feel its worth a Like! That would genuinely help me out my Close friends!

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From: Jarl Andersen



  1. Damnit I shaved the sides of my hair for that undercut kind of look but now 3 months later I wish I still had the side length cause when I try to do any style I look stupid asf

  2. hey yoo.. um so i was kinda wondering about the name of that song at the start of the vid.. also the second song when he blowdryes his hair. thanks xD

  3. johanna åstrand

    omg! your soo freaking handsome. i am from sweden and i am sitting here litterally staring at your face not your hairxDlove your channel btw:D

  4. What made you want to grow out your hair an could you please give me some tips for because I’m trying to grow out my hair to

  5. How long did it take you to grow your hair this long in this vid? I know it’s an older vid so you may not remember

  6. I have grown my hair to almost about your size and I have never grown it this long before. Do you ever use any hair product to help shape and hold your hair in a certain place?

  7. Bruce Wayne

    How does he keep his hair from falling down on his face? I’ve got thick Asian hair so its heavy and covers my face.

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