Kenzo Spring / Summer season 2016 Men’s Runway Show | International Fashion News

Kenzo Spring / Summer season 2016 Menswear Prepared-To-Wear Collection by designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.
Complete Fashion Show in Higher Definition developed by Gianna Madrini, Style Editor – Worldwide Fashion News ©2016 All Rights Reserved.
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Stylist: Jay Massacret
Hair Stylist: Anthony Turner
Makeup: Aaron de Mey & the MAC Pro team
Models: Jean Lemersre, Jeon June, Josef Utekal, Keiron Caynes, Kevin Cahay, Leo Lim, Louis Parker, Marin Kessler, Mason Frizelle, Matt Doran, Mawen Moandal, Michael Lockley, Ned Barton, Ole Stirnberg, Ollie Pallister, Owen Bitter, Sven de Vries, Takuya Ebihara, Tancrede Scalabre, Tom Gaskin, Truls Martinsson, Valters Medenis, Victor Ndigwe, Xavier Hickman, Yan Kai Wen, Zhao Qinghe, Anatolii Samsonov, Anthony Gilardot, Artur Chruszcz, Baptiste Faure, Benas Drukteinis, Camil Windak, Carl Axelsson
Music: “Chaos” by Artist: Gunnar Olsen
Licensed beneath a Inventive Commons Attribution license

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