How To Style Your Hair During The AWKWARD STAGE | Increasing Long Hair

*not available on mobile bc copyright doesnt want me to spread the really like to all devices*
here’s how i attempt to keep away from the earlier stages of the awkward with a quite slick, clean style, hope this assists in your awkward hair days!


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Disclosure – Magnets ft. Lorde (SG Lewis Remix)

From: GreasyMax



  1. Ian Scholefield

    i’d really like to give this a go. problem is my fringe is only reaching my eye! so frustrating this stage!at moment it’s like a 90’s indie cut.but my aim is to have one length long hair just above shoulder.
    how many times per wk do ya wash yours mate? do you use conditioner?

  2. Suave Joker

    Sir you are the first person I’ve met who I think looks more like Jared Leto than I do! You should cosplay his Joker

  3. CrepticMoon

    My hair is currently right about in this stage, and I’ve been looking for something to do with it, so I’m glad I found this video. I’m going to give it a try.

  4. Emily Morales

    Omg I’m a girl trying to grow out my pixie cut and I tried this but I look like eleven from stranger things’ retarded cousin 12 and a half 😂😂

  5. Awkward stage? To me, it is the perfect length of hair. Not too much, not too little. Enough to be creative but keeping it looking "short" when need be.

  6. ive got a swirly bit at the left-back-top of my head which makes my hear stick out if i do it all to the back. Any solution to that? so annoying

  7. Alex Paradis

    Im in the awkward stage right now and the the hair in the back is starting to become a mullet because i didnt grow out the too before starting to grow my hair so idk what to do

  8. I’m legit just smashing through this awkward phase hippie style and getting compliments from some and getting called scruff from others, just battle through it 😂

  9. Is he from liverpool or something? I really don’t know a lot about accents. Would be really appreciated if anyone help:)

  10. Shreynash RH

    SAME here my man, i started from an undercut. my length ratio is the same. my hair is super thin and wispy and curly so i didnt notice it at first, but then i straightened it and well, same as you, except for the super thinness part.

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