How To Style Longer Hair for Guys

Styling longer hair on men can be a challenge since their hair doesn’t have adequate length to weigh it down for it to remain smooth and controlled…it tends to puff up, so you want to use goods to manage the density and texture.

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It’s also a myth that guys don’t want to use goods or a blow dryer, which a lot of male clients use both, and this approach is so effortless, anyone can do it.

Below are some suggestions for styling mid to longer hair for guys:

1. Solution Application: Apply Redken satinwear 02 blow dry lotion (mid length to ends) to towel dried hair with hands to add slip and safeguard from blow dryer heat – it also adds moisture to hair with out producing it really feel heavy. Then, emulsify Redken for Guys grip tight firm hold gel in hands and rake by way of hair with fingers – it provides excellent hold with out getting crispy or flaky. Do not use a comb, it can fluff hair and add wispy texture.

2. Drying: Use a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer with the diffuser attachment on higher heat and low air – this dries hair with intense heat with out blowing it about which contributes to fluff and frizz. Just hold the diffuser to the prime and sides until dry, making certain the style is set before locking it in with the heat.

3. Finishing: Shake Redken fashion waves 07 sea-salt spray, spray on hair and let air dry. This locks the style in so it can be worn for two-3 days, making use of far more wax, gel or pomade adds excess oil that can weigh hair down too significantly.

When finished, do as little as achievable to your hair and decrease washing as well. If you shampoo a lot, wait two-three days and then scrub with water and conditioner to preserve hair’s natural oils which are the greatest styling solution of all. Washing with shampoo as soon as a week is usually sufficient for most – it saves time and hair looks great, simply readjust the style with fingers when needed.

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  1. bigbadjoe2823

    I have red hair and I’m trying to grow my hair out, I have a receipting hair line right now I’m trying to get all my hair caught up with each other my hair at longest with is my bangs they are close to 2-2.5 inches do you have any recommendations?

  2. rapideagle1

    My new rule is I’m gonna buy the products if they don’t upsell/promote it and it’s just in the description…. like I understand your marketing but for fucks sake shut the fuck up about the products, these clowns take us for sheep lmao

  3. Davi Fragôso

    I love these kinds of vids. You can use this, and show to us an ultra, powerfull and incredible product, and this, this and more that. VOILÁ the hair still the same way and you without money cause the products are expensive and useless.

  4. I guess the point is that most people want to style themselves but they don’t even have half of this stuff and don’t know how it will turn out.

  5. Michael Bologna

    You slicked him, why are you drying him. You should just slick him up already and use all the products already.

  6. That’s dead hair to begin with, so it’s easier to manipulate (use a real person).
    Who in the world puts a hair drier in high onto their ears the way this guy did it???

  7. Can you make a video on thick hair like mexifro or jewfro afro type hair. Pretty long maybe 4-8 inches. Its completely different


    I have this hair length and it’s getting wispy! This was very helpful! But I HATE heat tools and styling products! 😭

  9. Sascha Hoppe

    Dude, no "real" man would do this kind of styling routine. Wash your hair, air or blow dry. Maybe one light product. That has to be it.

  10. Final Fantasy

    My hair is about that long and it gets effed up in the wind! It makes me look like a complete idiot and I’m sick of it! I have to cover my hair and fix it all the damn time!I don’t like to apply any gel and stuff. It would ruin my hair style and just doesn’t make sense.

  11. Kimmy Paulson

    The exact reason I came to a men’s video is because I don’t want to use a billion products or heat!!! UGHHHHH

  12. Mason The Kid

    Hey I have this kind of hairstyle but a little more fluffy. I don’t know what to do with it because when I lean forward or tilt my head forward it all goes in my face. (My hair is at my lips right now for length) So I put StyleSexyHair Hard Up gel in it and it works ok. But when I’m in class and girls are playing with my hair I can’t have that gel in it because you can’t even run your hand through it. So what should I do to get it to stay and slick back but also so anyone can run their hands through my hair.

  13. LuckBlack Smith

    I dont realy recomend all that stuff just use conditioner lr argan oil but i highly recommend comditioner then brush it back then air dry it i promise it would look 100% better

  14. BOSNIAN_Bloke1111

    too much hair damage. Would definitely not recommend what he is doing. Go easy on the products as a little goes a long way and as for blowdrying, only blowdry if you are going out and keep the blowdryer much much further away from your hair or otherwise you risk damaging it to the point where it will begin to fall out or not grow in certain areas. I suggest towel drying it by scrunching to the point where it is less damp then you would usually have it when blowdrying. Then, apply a heat protectant and blowdry. My hair is really really thick and wavy and i dont blowdry or use products, i let it airdry after scrunching it a bit then it parts in the middle (as it is a medium length like say prince charming or bradley cooper) then due to the thickness it is really malleable

  15. Armando Sturzenegger

    Nice product commercial fucktard. Now go away and fuck the body of your beheaded kendoll you pervert fuck. What a waste of my time looking at your absurde way of ”styling”. Your sales speech or marketing is intrusive as fuck. and irrelevant because the hair of that stupid head looks the same.

  16. Any tips for growing hair out? Like should I let the top grow longer before growing out my sides. My hair is probably like 3-4 inches long on top and shaved on the sides. Thanks for the video btw

  17. Kevin Pickford

    The only thing I hate about all these hair videos is there is 50 trillion different products that I "must use".

  18. John McLane

    My hair’s about the length of the mannequin. It lays extremely awkward. At this length is product probably a requirement? How do I keep texture?

  19. Sorry but no dude can relate to this doll head thingy. Sorry, but it just fells immediately outdated and not legit. Just hire a model.

  20. Wait how the fuck do I make my hair look as good as the dummies before he started cause that’s my dream hair but my hair just big mess and doesn’t wanna stay like that naturally help plzz

  21. Kakanj Gaming

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