How to Make the Most of Extended Hair – Best Hairstyles for Males – Specifics Magazine

Celebrity stylist Mark Bustos on how to tackle extended hair this summer time

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How to Make the Most of Long Hair – Ideal Hairstyles for Males – Information Magazine

Starring: Mark Bustos
Featuring: James Oliver Cury

From: GQ



  1. My dudes stop saying its clickbsit because his hair isnt even that long

    Its pretty long and i found the video searching man long hair hairstyles

    No one is gonna search man medium hair hairstyles

  2. I hate when guys have long hair like that. I’m fine with 6-8 inches, but any longer and it looks soo dirty and disgusting.🤢🤢🤢

  3. Eccentric Artist

    Long hair allows men to look freeing and eccentric. The eyes on this male look amazing. Much love to fellow long haired humans.

  4. Literally every video/picture you find when you search long hair they don’t even reach the shoulders. I’m looking for tips for my hair that goes halfway down my back.

  5. So I should just not get a hair cut if I’m trying to grow it out or should i get it touched up😅 sorry I’ve never done this before but I’m about 3 months in

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