HOW TO GET & STYLE CURLY HAIR TUTORIAL – Mens Haircut 2018. Today lads I’m with Sam King and were going to show you how to style mens curly hair. How to get curly hair has been a huge speaking component across out community not too long ago, the stylist is going to show us a mens curly hair tutorial 2018 using a diffuser. Ive tested out this diffuser attachment on my hair, performs a treat, if you guys want a separate mens how to style curly hair tutorial let me know! If you want to see a lot more mens hair 2018 / mens haircut 2017 videos let me know. Thanks to sam for featuring in this how to get curly hair 2017 video.

Sam’s YouTube Channel:

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Snapchat: JakeSmith91r

Thanks To Ruffians for letting me shoot this video at their shop.

Richards Instagram: Tuckercuts

Music Gawvi – In The Water :

Details on Sam’s mens curly haircut 2017:
Sides: Faded from 1 to 3
Length: 3.five inches

The Diffuser I purchased came with the hairdryer, a lot of single diffusers on amazon – and phrases=blow+dryer+diffuser

From: Jake Daniels



  1. Budiredla Tarun

    Apart from this anything else is there, pls let me know I have minimal curly not too much, just like the guy in the video a bit more than him. So can u suggest me wt type of haircut suits me, oval face with big forehead just like a Nigerian 😅, I hope u get to know, what kinda hairki suits me

  2. Thatguywiththeguitar

    So I’m finally going to for shorter sides and keep my hair longer up top. Should you be using a diffuser everyday or will this damage the hair?

    Thanks in advance

  3. I have really nice curly hair IF I put something in it to help control the frizz. If I don’t do anything with my hair in the morning, it is so incredibly frizzy. So annoying

  4. Would love a tutorial on using a diffuser for men’s hair, think you’d be the first on YouTube to do one. All the others are for women

  5. Sumit Vinod

    What would I have to tell the barber to get that cut, and I have like rlly thick semi wavy hair so would this style even work for me??

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