how to decorate your space (men’s fashion/ life style)

in this video, i give guidelines on how i got my area to the way i like it via diy and different techniques. i hope you Enjoy!!
I usually post hauls, lookbooks, “how i style” videos, and other fashion/way of life connected videos on my channel. this is a men’s fashion channel but a lot of stuff I wear is unisex (can be worn by females as properly).

From: cody hughes



  1. Elvis Smith

    I love the crate of vinyl records. I don’t even listen to them but I want to buy some just to put them in a crate now lol

  2. Alexandria the Geek

    I love this video! it’s so amazing 👍✨ and I love your room and your style too. Because it’s look good and so cool. 💯🌈

  3. Gamala 💕

    New sub❗️ you are an interesting and articulate youngan❗️. I refer to you as young because I am old, as in g’mother old❗️😜. Emily sent me your way❗️ think I will enjoy you both❗️💕💕

  4. Eliane Bähler

    I love the video. It gave me good ideas for my room and you are right plants are great for your room and its a nice side effect that they give fresh air :~)

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