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Hey Guys! Thanks for tuning in! Nowadays I wanted to review the Harry’s Winston Kit which is what I’ve been employing to shave with! Harry’s is one of the best razors I’ve ever utilised and I am so happy with the product and the cost.

Let me know what you guys believe in the comments below! Thanks!


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From: Dre Drexler

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  1. paranoiagent89

    I hate sponsored videos. I feel like you can’t give a fair and unbiased review of a product if your being paid or given the product for free. There should be a disclaimer in these videos. Basically a paid spokesperson.

  2. fghrt grtget

    You just did what I hate when youtubers do… "Look here. I got this awesome product for you and they are totally not paying me to say this"

  3. Francisco III Mendoza

    I just stumbled in your channel now I’m addicted to your videos 🙂 New subbie here! p.s. obsessed with your hair!

  4. Sebastian mattsson

    Dre i love you videos dude! They are dope and inspire me! I am so going to the platinum blonde like you man it looks dope!! Keep up the great work bro! I was also wondering if you get your hair faded on the top left into your sides? I never really cared about my hair but after watching your videos I’ve been following your tutorials and everyone tells me my hair looks awesome! Thanks dude!

  5. You’re just like me. It took me until age 24to grow any decent amount of facial hair. Before age 24, I could go two days without having to shave. Now, I have to shave everyday.

  6. If you’re not using a badger brush, and shaving soap for a lather, you really should be using Jack Black’s Beard Lube. It’s way better then Harry’s shaving cream. Badger brush and soap is still king though.

  7. white0zombie

    as soon as you said 15$ I opened a new tab and bought it, it was a great deal, and I used your coupon code 👌🏼 thanks dre

  8. Sammy Banda

    Even though I know you are probably getting paid to promote products, I am always sold. You are good. Plus, I know you wouldn’t recommend something you don’t actually like. Oh and thanks for the discount! 😉

  9. Fareez Zaini

    hey dre , did u just touch up ur hair roots? coz it should be a few wks ur natural should be grown . if so , make a video of u touch up ur roots (:

  10. Konner Webb

    I don’t even shave and this video is fire – also its cool how u respond to ur viewers comments favorite youtuber!

  11. Yony Calito

    I think I’m becoming a huge fan of yours..
    I started watching you like 3 weeks ago, and I’ve enjoyed every single video ever since.
    A huge Hi from Guatemala city 😉
    BTW I’ve skin issues like you so, I’d like to know what else I can do help my acne scars to go away, it’s annoying… 😩
    Thank you so much
    TW: @jgcalito
    IG: calito1418

  12. These blades suck, there is so much resistance when you slide the razor on your face that it irritates it bad. I guess it’s not too bad if you don’t have alot of hair.

  13. your videos are always an emotional roller coaster for me. its like GREAT VIDEO! till I realize that none of the products are available in Australia or the shipping cost its like 3 times the cost of the actual product. Argh! =)

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