How A Suit Need to Fit – Men’s Clothing Match Guide – For a more in-depth article about how a suit jacket and pants ought to fit. AKA the correct suit match! – For outfit information of the suit in the video and the greatest suits every single guy should own as well as distinct ways to wear your gray suit.

See How The Rest Of Your Clothes Need to Fit

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From: Ashley Weston



  1. 全新的觀點,這是從女性角度看男生,很值得參考
    Brand new point,through women’s view to look at what a man should be,good

  2. Roland Canlas

    are my pants suppose to flail when I walk? does this mean I should slim and taper it? I don’t want it to be too tight. I bought the suit at macys and already had a tailor put one break in it.

  3. Kelvin Mateo

    I love the vid. just wanna ask how much allowance do u add for slim fit? for example chest-32 and waist 29.. also the circumference of the sleeves (bicep elbow and wrist) and for the armhole..

    I also had a hard time for clients who have a big belly who wanted a slim fit ,sexy and macho looking haha. is it correct to get the high waist for the curve part and tummy (umbilical level) for the lower part? hoping for your reply.. thank you.

  4. This suit is a typical modern suit. It looks like the poor guy didn’t have a suit of his own so he had to wear his little brother’s suit. Jacket is way too short and obviously will be totally uncomfortable to wear. Designers will soon realize that men don’t care for this kind of fit and give us a larger, more roomy jacket to wear.

  5. I admit that Michael was freaking me out a little. Every time he looked into the camera it was like he was trying to hypnotize the audience (though the spell was undone when he started cracking up at the end.)

  6. Sebastian Lund Nielsen

    It’s funny how the suits change with fashion from big, loose fitting – to tight fitting, suit jackets and trousers-

    30’s & 40’s = Loose fit
    50’s & 60’s & early 70’s = Tight fit
    late 70’s, 80’s & 90’s = Loose fit
    2000’s & 2010’s = Tight fit

    I hope we are not going back to loose fit in the 2020’s – It looks stupid.

  7. I found your videos through a Google search. I’m so glad I did. This stuff is great Ashley!
    I want to take you shopping! ☺️

  8. Thank you! I’m shopping for my 1st fitted suit and I’m going to use this as the standard to look for in how it’s to look. Great video! Liked and subscribed! 👍🏼😊

  9. john david jaime oyola

    Does that work too on chubby guys like me? It looks great on a fit guy but i dont know how would it look on me

  10. Suit shoulders are too tight. His shoulders are literally popping out at both sides… tells me they have no idea. His jacket is also too short by a solid full inch, it ends way too early. I’m a fan of slim fit, but he looks like a child in that.

  11. Troy dejesu

    that suit is too tight, his arm bulges the shoulder out, the jacket is to short, and the fabric is pulling on the buttons. This is a hipster fit suit, a perfect fitting suit if you work at buzzfeed lol

  12. tomson thomas

    Hello Ms Ashley,
    Just curious that, the brooks brothers suit on the video was fitted when it was bought off the rack or did he had him tailored from the scratch.
    You reply will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you 🙂

  13. ZK Sazdanoff

    What is it with women growing hair down to their ass?
    Is it a rebuttal to males under 40 growing beards or do they want to be like a Kentucky Derby race horse?

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