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3 hairstyles I use everyday. I am developing out my hair so this only counts as medium length. Cheers 🙂

Music: Lensko – Cetus [NCS Release]

From: Michael South



  1. i guess i have to cut a bit of hair in the back and side of my head, for some reason it always grows more on the back and side and i look like im part of the beatles -.-


    michael i have kind of long hair but in an undercut. so now i’m growing my hair to have a man bun. Now my hairs are not equal should i have to get them equal then start growing again?

  3. Man the hair is so looking GOOD! this video also proves that a guy if he wears his hair at medium length has options way better then when it’s cut too short. man look at how great it is to have so many hairstyle options!

  4. You Rock Michael! Great advices for medium hair !I want more to Care with my hair. . Not easy ! 😕.. 😆😁 Best regards from Paris/ France🗼 ✌

  5. agh waiting for your videos is a pain, cant wait to see them!
    these videos are extremely helpful, myself personally im in the 4 month of growing my hair and these videos help me out with some awkward phases and whatnot.
    keep uploading!

  6. Are your sides as long as the top? I’m trying to figure out what to tell my hair stylist. Should sides always be a bit shorter than the top, or the same. How long should your sides be? Until they reach the back of your head?

  7. Like my comment if you think this guy looks like a homo. Seriously, this dude tries to act funny but just looks straight up retarded.

  8. Philip Sednev

    im at this stage and i cant do anything to my hair and it sucks. everytime i pass a salon im like yeah im cutting it next week then i just convince myself to be patient

  9. Heyyy, how did you achieve the texture you have now in 2017, in ur 3 Hairstyles for Medium Hair ? It looks better and not so thin and straight. My hair if I let it fall it just looks like a solid wall, no texture at all.

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