Guys Initial: On the Street With Bill Cunningham – Fashion News 2012 | The New York Instances

The fashion photographer for The New York Occasions on how the male style peacock is out of the cage.

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Males Initial: On the Street With Bill Cunningham – Fashion News 2012

From: The New York Occasions

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  1. 5 years ago Ksubi, after giving men skinny jeans so that they no longer had to wear their girlfriends jeans, brought in a drop crotch jean that i wear and adore. Andrew MacKenzie followed suit and then Jeremy Scott put out his "origami" cut of adidias sweats. Strangely, while the UK has embraced the look for years, it is only serious studio dancers and fashion forward city dwellers that I have seen working this silhouette here in the states. Time to get with the plan, Stans.

  2. Robert G. Bárcenas Jr.

    Sorry. This is just awful beyond belief! Hideous. They look like rejected costumes from really bad sci-fi film.

  3. Often rather ugly…and poor Bill, he’s too old clearly and doesn’t recall how many times this has occurred in fashion since the early 80s. Its a sloppy look and doesn’t at all flatter the wearer… and its a bit effeminate when handled even worse than it is, in at least these photos.

  4. Aras Van Den Kamp

    ASIANS! The only one I liked (and actually would wear) is 1:35 far right. The rest is too.. ‘skirt-y’ for me.

  5. brucebutkis

    what i want to know is when are we going to bring back the cod piece to mens fashion and make it illegal not to wear one?

  6. george fourtinas

    Hidious !! WTF is this world comming to!! men wearin skirt like pants and leggings! All of these outfits look ugly ! Im good wearing my jeans nice fitted shirt maybee with a nice black scarf and thats it! These outfits are for people that dont know how to wear and match regular clothing, so they buy some funky looking shit called "fashionable" !

  7. On the "L" train NYC to many trying to make a statement, boring. Clean cut and a little edgy stand out more than the one trying to hard.

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