Giorgio Armani – 2017/2018 Fall Winter Men’s Fashion Show


This season, Giorgio Armani is functioning on classics, evolving codes to define an concept of elegance tuned-in to the present, but wealthy with heritage.

Texture and silhouette are the essential components of Giorgio Armani’s study: the physique, with its person, exclusive beauty, is enhanced by the garments of the new collection.

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  1. Google User

    EXCELLENT show and the clothes are impeccable! And they can be worn by GROWN MEN who are older than 30! What a concept!!

  2. This show is gorgeous. And it is one of the few shows that still make sense. The clothes shown here are designed to be weared. They are warm, comfortable, fit average body shape, and they are for MEN!

  3. Евгений и Каролина

    Саундтрек к показу шикарный, к сожалению Шазам не нашел информацию))


    I really love the design and details , Armani is my favorite clothing line it is very interesting and classy for a man like me. A👑💯

  5. Interesting, he is still designs for the same type of bulky models as in the 80s, early 90s….Men’s fashion has gone to a much more slender silhouette over the last decade

  6. Barbara Weaver

    Oh joy!! As a very young girl, I was taught ‘soft tailoring’ by a gifted Aunt
    — working-class, & if you couldn’t sew you didn’t have clothes, & they better be good!
    So glad now, to have the privilege of seeing The Maestro’s Art — the aforementioned tailoring (which turned me on to Armani), the respect for the fabrics, the details, & the fact that these gorgeous clothes could be worn by ANYONE (Thom Browne please note!)
    I also loved the Womenswear — I can’t get the Very Slender Model, closely clothed in black out of my head!
    But please Maestro, can you stop showing FUR???!!!!😱 Even in ‘TrendyTown’, where I’m fortunate enough to live, I would be spat at if I wore Fur on the street! Don’t animals wear fur? 🙏

  7. This is a nice collection, and is very consistent with the brand, but it feels very ’90s. Sometimes the problem with minimalism is that it limits you and you end up repeating yourself. After seeing his collections for the past 20+ years, you start to see the same thing. There’s nothing unexpected, but everything is wearable and can be easily worn with past seasons’ pieces. He really knows how to dress men and women, but there’s something about this that feels very 1997.

    Because of his minimalism, I think of Armani as a conservative, yet substantial version of what Calvin Klein used to be. Calvin’s brand has changed dramatically over the years – not necessarily a good or bad thing – while Armani remains consistent with an older/mature audience. The only pieces of this collection I found interesting are the scarves wrapped around the male models upper bodies. Beyond that, everything else is similar with what came out in the last 25 years. I don’t hate or love this collection. I just feel I’ve seen it several times before. Still nicely done, though.

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