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Subject of discussion: Which one was your favored outfit?

Summer season is here so I decided to make a video showing you 4 effortless summer season outfits you can pull off by pairing a handful of things with each other! Trust me, these are 4 easy summer season outfits for guys, that will make your 2016 summer time a lot much better! It really is ALL ABOUT THE WHITE Shoes! The Stan Smith Primeknits and Axel Arigato Clean footwear pull every thing together. Unique thanks to CROSS for assisting me shoot this video! Make certain you check out the things from each outfit below:

Frank + Oak:
Hoodie in Taupe
Denim Shirt in Light Blue:
Chino Quick in Navy:
Chino Quick in Beige:
Motion Flex 5″ Brief:
Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Accurate Black:

Topman Skinny Jeans:
Topman White shirt:
Topman long line:
Topman lengthy sleeve:

Adidas Stan Smith PK:
Axel Arigato:

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Dear 2015:

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From: Alex Costa

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  1. Men what’s up with all the long sleeves for summer I’m getting hot just watching I be rocking bedders,white t’s and a big O chain wait…make it two chains ahahah.

  2. Rafael Kahen

    For those who are saying it will be too hot to wear those in summer well think of it, last years summer was boiling hot so this year it will be more cold

  3. Wayne Relativo

    Men fashion youtubers should really research on watches/horology. You can get better quality watches that also looks minimalistic for a cheaper price. As a guy, Your watch says a lot about you. Daniel wellington may seem nice but it seems so cheap and low quality despite its price range. It’s killing your style in the eyes of some men. I’m just saying this because your sense of fashion and style is so great and I know you’re gonna influence a lot of men out there. Great vid btw and I hope you take this as a constructive criticism. Godbless!

  4. I don’t like how all the fashion people wear obscure and unknown shoes. Like these "arigatos" are just off brand Stan smiths. Anybody else notice this?

  5. Hipster Nick

    Please tell me where to get those jeans I clicked on the link and it didn’t work! I know there top man but what kind? every time I click on the link it goes to the parcel magazine

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