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– Let’s drop these 5 worst hairstyles in 2018!
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Nowadays we’re speaking about my all time worst hairstyles. These five hairstyles are the ones you ought to drop for 2018, and make sure that they don’t come back!

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  1. I believe it comes down to personal preference. I have had an undercut for a long time now and decided to grow my hair out cause i got bored of it. BTWGreat video!

  2. Gel shouldn’t be disregarded. I always use gel to style my hair (excuse my profile pic, its a few years old lol) before blowdrying otherwise i wont get any hold. If you use high quality gel, this wont be an issue

  3. Gianni Lucania

    you’ve been rocking the same hairstyle for years you have NO input what should stay in or not your hair looks like claudes hair from gta 3

  4. Austin Hamilton

    Hey Joe! Great video. About the background! I personally liked the last one more. The one you had Spring 2017. An example of a video with that background is this Q&A video:

    I feel like that video had more life. More colors and I really liked both the painting and the shelf. Nothing bad about your current background/wallpaper but the one you had Spring 2017 was really nice.

    Happy holidays and a happy new year!

  5. imma b makin myself sum braids with undercut next year. And right now my hair is in the growing-phase and I always look stupid…

  6. Murdoch Boycott

    What do you know man? you look RIDICULOUS. bouffant ass mofo. Seriously, the flat-top is coming back in a big way and so is the mullet. no joke. both these hairstyles if worn / styled correctly can look bad to the bone. but what would you know you you over-coiffed, top-man shirted basic bitchman.

  7. youngurbangod

    I swear the Straight fringe emoish hairstyle looked cool way before Bieber. He just made it look cutesy popstar boybandish looking. (BTW Japanese dudes still rock the hairstyle and it looks awesome on ’em)

  8. richard sison

    First I used Gel just Gel now I use Wax Gatsby Harajaku is that ok? or The Fix Product is much better????? I do not know LoL PLease Answer the question

  9. St.Christopher Villano

    Wall is cool and so are you much love many blessings may all of your wishes come true. God bless you abundantly

  10. schuuichiminamino

    Daing… I use two of those worst hairstyles LOL The fringe and the cover thing. Yeah… I’m with some drastic hair loss and it’s not even genetics, just poor diet and stress (a lot of stress), no sleeping and bad habits.

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