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Hi guys – today’s video I’m sharing with you 5 fashion guidelines to live by. These are 5 factors that I always try to preserve in mind although I am acquiring ready and for my own individual style! I am not saying you have to do these items, but I thought I would just share what I take into account to be ‘fashion rules’. Of course everybody has their personal preference when it comes to style and their personal unique style, but I nonetheless hope you can take some thing away from this and understand from my style guidelines and style suggestions 🙂

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  1. Aline Bastos

    I have such a hard time creating an interesting look because I live in Brazil and it’s always so hot that I just can’t survive with like a bunch of clothes

  2. thecrepehunt

    Love this video! It’s hard to find videos that are so clean, concise and right to the point 🙂 Will definitely keep these tips in mind!

  3. Aleida Wells

    Hello! I was just wondering where all your high necked tops (the red shirt, black shirt, and sweater) we’re from. Thank you!

  4. @Erin Elizabeth
    First, hey and thanks for the great tips! Can you please link your most recommended nude strapless bra? There are so many and they are *not* all created equal 😛

  5. Jarid Stamm

    The hair tip is so under appreciated, so I’m so glad you mentioned it!! Outfits just fall a part by people not doing anything with their hair.

  6. Ellay Watson

    Love the video and love your style! I feel like I have a set style that I’m always inspired to wear(it’s what usually catches my eye on tumblr or from what I see others wear) and it does suit me quite well…BUT every time I actually shop I end up being pulled towards items that are totally different and never end up making my closet look like what I was inspired by…any one else feel like this??

  7. Sarah Farris

    How do you feel about the bralette/visible bra trend? I have noticed so many off the shoulder/shirts with large necklines in the stores this fall. Since I have a larger bust, strapless bras aren’t my favorite (although I own quite a few!). I feel like a tank top to cover the straps gets bulky or ends up looking like a bra, so a bra with lace straps seems like an alternative, when I am able to find them in my size (34DDD).

  8. Siu Lee Lau

    Balance it out /less is more / underwear issues / bra strap situations / signature look / don’t forget hair / thanks for sharing (:

  9. Savannah is Odd

    Trust me, I’m not a fan of the bra straps either, but being a well endowed woman. I don’t have much of a choice 😂😂

  10. Sade' Nicole

    I recently did a purge of my wardrobe and I have learned a lot from videos like this!! I would often look at my wardrobe before the purge and feel like I didn’t have anything to wear!! I had to find my style!! Great video!!

  11. Nina Demoustier

    I clicked because you looked like a grown up version of Millie Brown from stranger things, you’re really cute ! The advices you gave were really good, I subscribed 😄

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